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Bad Eggs

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Giles, Joyce, Max Perlich Jr., and others reach the basement. Everyone's hacking away at the concrete floor, and there are several trays of eggs about. I'm pleased to note that the security guard survived. They usually get such rotten luck on TV. We see a shot of something lurking under the concrete. It looks kind of like a squid. I think I'll channel the Sea Captain from The Simpsons and call it "Squiddy."

Buffy describes Squiddy as a "pre-prehistoric" (?) parasite. The mother hibernates underground and lays eggs; then the offspring attach themselves to hosts by neural clamping. The point of this little exercise from any viewpoint, survivalist or other, is patently unclear, but go with it. Xander and Buffy actually pose the question of what the mother wants, but we never get an answer, as they hear Jonathan screaming for help in the hallway. By the time they get out there, however, he's gone all Stepford and says he slipped. Buffy and Xander follow him to the basement. They see him go through the hole in the wall, and they follow. Jonathan enters the Bezoar Boudoir (I know. Ew), and Buffy and Xander surreptitiously observe the proceedings therein. Catching sight of Squiddy, Buffy goes to find a weapon while Xander pretends to be one of the gang. Since the people are being neurally controlled, you might think the Bezoar would inform its minions that there's a traitor in their midst, but who am I to question the actions of a pre-prehistoric creature? Anyway, Cordy carries a tray of eggs out of the room, and Xander follows her. Buffy's just gotten hold of a metal pole when our favorite rootin'-tootin' pair of vampire brothers shows up. Buffy tries to tell them that it's not a good time, but despite the fact that their brains look like they've been treated with Oil Of Olay, they don't believe her, and they fight. Buffy kicks Tector away, but Lyle tackles her through the hole in the wall, then takes time out from the fight to observe the spectacle before him. Buffy catches sight of Joyce, and querulously asks, "Mom?" Willow looks up, and flatly tells the others, "Kill them." Buffy and Lyle defend themselves. I think Tector is really no good without his brother, as he's still nowhere to be seen. Lyle asks Buffy what's happening, and takes a break to attack her once more, but the minions regroup and advance again.

Xander follows Cordelia and some other dude. He sneaks up behind the extra and throws him into the wall. Cordy swings at him, but he ducks. He tells her he doesn't want to hurt her, but she pops him in his bruised head, and he decks her. Probably not the most chivalrous thing he could have done, but his choices must have seemed pretty limited. Plus, you know he wanted to.

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