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Bad Girls

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Bad Girls

Daytime. Faith's No-Tell Motel. Doris Day -- I mean, "Buffy" has come to talk to Faith about the other night. No, not like that, you pervs. For some reason, Buffy's wearing this awfully monochromatic gray dress and three-quarter-length coat, probably to visually differentiate her from bad-girl Faith. Her make-up is really, really overdone. I think she looked better all covered with sewer water. Buffy seems genuinely concerned, and she tries to reach out to Faith and convince her that they're in over their heads. Faith plays the tough girl, insisting that she doesn't need anyone's help. Buffy points out that eventually the police are going to find a body, and Faith snaps a little, telling her that she doesn't want to have this discussion again since she took the body and dumped it in the river, ergo problem solved. Buffy can't really believe what she's hearing . "Faith, you don't get it. You killed a man." Faith corrects her, "No. You don't get it. I. Don't. Care." Which really is the ultimate difference between Buffy and Faith.

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