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Bad Girls

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Bad Girls

Mr. Trick drops the swords on the Mayor's desk, but the Mayor is engrossed in reading newspaper comics. "That PJ, he's getting to be quite a handful!' giggles the Mayor, and then turns his attention to the swords. He comments that he hasn't seen anything like them in a long time, and asks Trick if he enjoys Family Circus. Turns out Trick is a Marmaduke man himself. Allan Finch volunteers that he likes Cathy, which goes over about as well as a turd in the soup at a wedding banquet. In the ensuing judgmental silence, Finch uncomfortably asks what should be done about the swords. The Mayor refers to an important upcoming "dedication" that he doesn't want disturbed. When Finch stutters that perhaps the dedication should be postponed, the mood in the room suddenly chills. The Mayor rises menacingly from his chair and crosses the room, explaining that the dedication is "the final step" before his ascension and that he's waited a long time. He flings open the door of a cabinet, and we get a glimpse of the arcane occult objects inside. Extracting a (lemon scented?) moist towelette from a container, he wipes his hands and continues, "After the Hundred Days, I'll be on a higher plane. And I'll have no more need for...well, let's just say I won't be concerned with the little things." He hands the used towelette to a cowering Finch. The Mayor then instructs Trick to keep an eye on the sword-wielding vampires and rat them out to the Slayers if he finds any information. He hopes both groups will kill each other. "Then everyone's a winner. Everyone, of course, meaning me."

Old credits. Sigh. Sniff. Back when I was unjaded and -- gasp! Oz. Sigh. And Xander looking pretty cute and drippy wet in that Speedo-wearing episode I've never seen. Aw, Willow's hair when it was shiny and healthy and she still showed her cute widow's peak. ["Ugh. I have a widow's peak and it's the bane of my existence. I look like Eddie freakin' Munster." - Sep] ["Sep does not look a thing like Eddie Munster. Don't listen to her, people." -- Ace] Cordelia. Well, all memories can't be good. Moving on. Oz, Oz, Oz. The pre-marginalized Giles. And the much-lamented box-carrying scene from "Innocence."

Sunnydale High School. Xander, Willow, Oz, and Buffy are sitting on couches as Xander pokes through Willow's impressive stack of early-admission packets to a variety of colleges. As I watch them being all Buffy-buddy, I have to remind myself that this happens after Willow and Xander's "fluke" and the fall-out from that, if you'll excuse the pun. Isn't it nice and patient of Oz to be hanging around with Xander after that? Some banter about Xander expecting many college rejections, and giddiness from Willow about all the choices open to her. As Oz dryly suggests making sure to graduate from high school ("Gettin' left back: not the thrill ride you'd expect."), Cordelia swans into view and takes a few nasty pot shots at Xander. Oh, go get even more of a tan, lose a bunch of weight you can't afford to lose, and end up as a boring, mealy-mouthed loser on Angel's show, why don't you? Feh. Maybe Sep and I should get Strega to recap the Cordelia scenes from season three, since the nasty creature is her responsibility now. Xander gets in a good joke about Cordy marketing a line of "hooker wear," although her skirt's not as short as many we saw Buffy wear in season one. "Well, Xander, I could dress more like you, but oh, my father has a job," sneers Cordelia, and I laugh into my sleeve (just a saying. I live in Tucson, it's summer, I'm not wearing anything resembling a sleeve at this time of year) at Cordy's upcoming financial humiliation. Some more blather establishes that Buffy has to pass an upcoming chemistry test, and that she and Willow will study together that night. Buffy heads off to the library.

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