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Bad Girls

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Bad Girls

In the library, we get a close-up of Giles's sour, just-this-side-of-angry face as that toad Wesley simpers in the background. Ugh. Well, hey, if we can talk Strega into taking the Cordy scenes, maybe we can talk her into doing the Wesley ones as well! Oh, it would be so nice. I really never, ever want to see Wesley again, let alone recap his most insufferable, priggish moments of season three. But Strega hates him as much as I do, so I doubt we'll ever talk her into taking these scenes. Sniff. And for the record, just to get it out of the way at the start, everyone on the boards is always yawping about how much Wesley has improved in the last two seasons of Angel, but to me he seems just the same now as he did in Buffy season three. He was an awful, repellent, weaselly priss then, and he's one now too. Anyway, the nasty little toad brags to Giles, "I have, in fact, faced two vampires myself. Under controlled circumstances, of course." Giles: "Well, no danger of finding those here." Wesley: "Vampires?" Giles: "Controlled circumstances." Heh. Giles sits on one of the library tables, his back to Wesley, and rolls his head with exaggerated patience.

Buffy enters the library, and Wesley strides to greet her, simpering, "Hello!" "New Watcher?" queries the instantly suspicious Buffy, and Giles rolls his eyes and confirms. Wes extends his hand to Buffy, but she just stares until he lowers it. She sidles over to Giles and whispers, "Is he evil? The last one was evil." Wesley blithers that he's been thoroughly checked out by Giles as Buffy shoots him a look of perfect teen disgust. There's an amusing bit of physical acting as Wes leans nearer Giles and Buffy to deliver some trite phrase and they both subtly lean away from him. Buffy stares a little while longer and then asks Giles again, "Is he evil?" Oh, I love seeing people treat Wes like crap. What a happy, happy day for me! Wesley excitedly asks Buffy about the previous night's patrol, and she basically stonewalls him with answers of the one-word variety. She does admit, though, that one of the vampires was carrying swords, causing Wes to run and fetch a book. The sword-carrying vampire is diagnosed as one of a sect called El Eliminati, a vampire dueling cult brought to the new world by a demon called Balthazar. I don't know why I'm transcribing all this exposition. It's really not that important to the plot of the episode. Apparently, the Eliminati were driven out of Sunnydale about one hundred years ago and their demon leader was killed. Wes speculates that the minions have returned to find Balthazar's amulet, and he directs Buffy to go to a crypt and collect the amulet before the Eliminati do. Buffy chafes a little under his bossiness, and when Wes asks, "Are you not used to being given orders?" she retorts, "Whenever Giles sends me on a mission he always says 'please.' And afterwards, I get a cookie!" Snerk. And word, Buffy. There are many unpleasant things I would willingly do if the reward were a cookie. Some people fantasize about untold wealth, or fabulously attractive sex partners. Me? I'm all about the cookies. Giles smirks. As Wes girds his prissy little loins to lay down some science on Buffy, Faith stops into the library. "New Watcher?" she asks, and upon confirmation from Buffy and Giles, she snorts, "Screw that," and leaves quickly. Faith may be a bit dim, but she certainly gets points in my book for dealing with Wes in the only logical fashion: instant rejection. Buffy whines, "Now why didn't I just say that?" Uh, because you're the good little daughter and Faith is the bad little daughter, Buffy. Duh. Check out your and Faith's "compare and contrast" outfits for pointers. You're dressed up like a proper little miss on her way to Sunday school and Faith -- well, aside from the unflattering velvet pants, Faith looks coolly naughty. Buffy trots out of the library to find Faith and coax her back. Wes and Giles both pull out handkerchiefs to clean their glasses, but when Giles notices that his actions are mirroring Wesley's, he looks embarrassed.

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