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Bad Girls

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Bad Girls

On the school grounds, Buffy runs after Faith, calling Wesley a "dork." Faith rebels against taking orders from Wes and protests that he'll "take all the fun out of it." Buffy doesn't find killing fun, and Faith calls her a liar, insisting that killing leaves Buffy hungry for more. And while it would be great for Buffy to feel more comfortable with her destiny, I think Faith is mostly just desperately projecting her general fucked-up-ness on Buffy at this point. While Buffy looks disgusted, Faith insists (with her usual lecherous body wiggle and leering expression), "Tell me that if you don't get in a good slaying, after a while, you just start itching for some vamp to show up so you can give him a good unhh!" Buffy and Ace, in unison: "Again with the grunting. You realize I'm not comfortable with this."

Ace: Where I'm from, we have a word for girls like Faith.
Sep: Oh yeah? Tell me.
Ace: Well, it starts with an "L" and ends with an "oser."
Sep: Really. Heh. I would've thought it started with an "S" and ended with a "lut."
Ace: I would never call someone a slut! Not when calling them a loser works better, anyway.

So, Faith leaves, saying she'll let Buffy take care of the amulet-fetching assignment.

That night, Buffy enters the crypt where she's supposed to find Balthazar's amulet. She checks one stone casket but doesn't find it. Bingo! It's in the second casket, but as she reaches in to grab it, she hears voices outside the crypt. She hides in the first casket, and a bunch of the vest-wearing Eliminati enter. The leader grabs the amulet, and the vamps file out. When Buffy emerges from the casket, she's surprised by Faith, who came to back her up after all. Faith and Buffy run out of the crypt just in time to see the final vampire jump into a sewer manhole. Faith is primed to rush in after them, but Buffy wants to wait, not liking the chances of two Slayers against six vampires. Faith admits that she has no plan and then taunts Buffy, "If you don't come in after me, I might die," as she jumps into the manhole. Faith is such the Little Id. Buffy reluctantly jumps in after her.

In the library, Wes is checking over Giles's Watcher's diary and reading out loud critical things Giles had to say about Buffy when he first met her. Giles frets that Buffy should already have returned from her mission, but Wes is unconcerned.

In the sewers, Faith and Buffy are fighting the six Eliminati. Because I'm one of those crazy freaks who doesn't care if I can spot the stunt-double as long as the fighting looks good, I take a moment to enjoy a solid third-season fight, where the punches look hard, the kicks are convincing, and the action sinuous and natural rather than herky-jerky and staged. The fighting continues, and the Slayers aren't racking up many kills, I must admit. One of the vamps has Faith in a wrestler's hold, and another grabs Buffy's head and dunks her in a cistern of sewer water. She struggles frantically and then goes limp. The vamp leaves Buffy there and turns towards Faith, grinning toothily (as vampires are wont to do). Suddenly, Buffy, who has been faking, leaps up from the cistern and grabs a discarded sword. "I hate it when they drown me," she snarls, looking very heroic and pretty. She starts fighting with renewed vigor. Faith finally grows a self-preservation instinct and suggests they run, but Buffy grabs the amulet off of the vamp leader first. "Tell me you don't get off on this," crows Faith, and Buffy admits, "It didn't suck."

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