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Bad Girls

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Bad Girls

Ace: So, how 'bout that scene in the Bronze? I think that's the most sex Buffy got all season.
Sep: Nah. There's the "Graduation, Part II" feeding/orgasm scene. You know, with the ewer crushing!
Ace: Heh. Right, right.
Sep: You know what I don't understand -- I mean, I know Angel can't have sex, might lose his soul and all, but why is it all about his needs? Couldn't he, uh, help Buffy out a little?
Ace: Yeah, really! He could sacrifice himself for the greater good. Or if they consider that too dangerous, he could at least give Buffy massages. I bet the Slayer pulls a lot of muscles and Angel has that vampire strength. He could take a class!
Sep: [stunned silence]
Ace: What?
Sep: Oh god, I'm just picturing Angel and his furrowed brow, crammed into a little desk at some Adult Education center, carefully and ploddingly taking notes on "Sensual Massage."

Angel then leads Buffy to a sofa, where he admits that he came to discuss Balthazar. "Dead demon," quips Buffy as she snuggles up real close, which doesn't seem like sexy talk to me, especially when you're snuggling up to someone who is a dead demon. Apparently Buffy's overt affection is giving Angel that squiggly feeling in his tummy, and that squiggly feeling is bad, so he shrugs Buffy off and moves to another chair. She pouts. Angel informs Buffy that Balthazar isn't dead and is in fact inhabiting some warehouse while looking for his amulet. Angel has talked to Giles, who told him the amulet was given to -- at this moment Wes shows up. He ignores Angel, flops down on the sofa next to Buffy (who pointedly moves away), and lectures her for being out of communication. Angel asks Wes where the amulet is, and Wes is surprised that someone else knows about their oh-so-secret business. Buffy, who's sporting a pretty nasty gash on her arm, reaches into Wesley's coat, grabs the amulet, and tosses it to Angel. Over Wesley's protests, Angel warns him that he's not safe carrying the amulet and that he (Angel) will take care of it. Buffy tells Angel that she'll "do some recon on Balthazar," and Wes self-righteously stutters that Balthazar is dead. Ignoring him, Angel kisses Buffy goodbye and leaves. Buffy walks away too, leaving a very confused Wes making impotent guppy faces. Buffy strides out on the dance floor and pulls Faith off. Faith points to all the boys she's leaving behind and grins, "Call me!" For some reason, I like her more in this moment than I usually do. Probably because she looks sexy, happy, and natural and isn't sporting her usual crass air of calculated "badness."

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Buffy the Vampire Slayer




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