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Bad Girls

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Bad Girls

Buffy and Faith stroll down the alley. Faith is all excited about testing out her new longbow, and who can blame her? Only those naysayers who think that you shouldn't, y'know, steal stuff. All of a sudden a vampire, uh, somersaults out at them. Okay. I've put up with some lame shit on this show, but Flying Wallenda bloodsuckers is just a bit over my limit.

Back at the library, Giles and Wesley bicker some more in Giles's office. Wesley tells Giles that the way he has handled Buffy is an embarrassment to the council. Giles: "If you want to criticize my methods, fine. But you can keep your snide remarks to yourself. And while you're at it don't criticize my methods." Whoo! Go Giles. Wesley is undeterred and tells Giles that he isn't qualified to be a Watcher. I hate Wesley. Wesley insinuates that he is the more qualified person and should therefore take the reins. Shut up, Wesley. Wesley walks over to the window looking out into the library to see an army of Fatty B's minions lying in wait for them.

Alley. Faith and Buffy fight. More vamps. More fight. They round another corner, and Buffy throws a body down onto the ground, but this time it's Allan, not a vampire. Faith moves in for the kill with her stake raised. Buffy shouts, "Faith! No!" but Faith either can't or won't stop in time. Buffy pulls Faith out of the way and assesses the damage. "I didn't know," mumbles Faith, clearly upset. Buffy yells at Faith to call an ambulance and tries to comfort Allan. His hands are bloody and shaking. Buffy watches him die, an expression of abject horror on her face. Faith grabs Buffy by the arm and tells her that they've got to get going. The Slayers run off and split up. Buffy runs right into Angel. He notices her expression and grabs her hand; he takes in the blood. She jerks her hand back. Angel tells her that he was just at Fatty's warehouse and that Giles is captured. He doesn't at all mention that Wesley is captured as well. Right now I love Angel.

The alley. Faith approaches Finch's dead body. She looks confused.

Fatty Bubelatty's warehouse. Giles and Wesley are trussed up and awaiting an audience with Fatty B himself. Wesley snivels and then tells Giles to "stay calm." "Thank god you're here. I was planning to panic," snarks Giles. Hee! As much as I hate Wesley, I love the snitty Giles that he heralds. Wesley suggests trading information with the villain, and Fatty B considers it momentarily before deciding, "No! Boring! Pull off his kneecaps!"

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