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City Hall. The Mayor, not very happily, asks what Trick did about Ethan, but Trick says he paid him, rightly noting that Ethan got the job done. The Mayor says that this wasn't his plan. Trick tries to spin it that he did him a favor, as there's one less demon to pay tribute to. We don't know, of course, what the Mayor was getting in return, so that argument seems specious at best. The Mayor chuckles, "I guess you did!" He leans in close. "In the future, I'd be very careful how many favors you do for me." Let's just say that it's a good thing vampires don't perform certain bodily functions, because from the look on Trick's face, we might have had a very messy situation there.

School. In the hallway, Snyder walks up to the teenage Scoobs sans Buffy. Xander gives him some lip, and Snyder makes it very clear that the effects of the candy have worn off. He orders them to repaint a row of lockers that have "KISS ROCKS" spray-painted on them. Willow wonders why anyone would want to kiss rocks, but then her brain catches up with her mouth. That cluelessness was much funnier about both the Cibo Matto clog dance in "When She Was Bad" and the chair shortage in "Becoming Part One," so I'm not really laughing.

Outside. Buffy is recounting what we are meant to think are her thoughts on the adults behaving like children. Only, since we've watched TV before, we know that she's actually talking about the SAT. Her description of how she felt during the exam is not very confidence-inspiring. At the bottom of the stairs, they meet Joyce. She and Giles act extremely awkwardly, but Buffy doesn't notice. "At least I got to the two of you before you actually did something." She gets into the car. Giles and Joyce hastily turn away from each other. Ha! Jane Espenson, an impressive debut.

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