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Sexy And Seventeen

Factory. Trick and Rayne crow about how well the plan is going. Trick accuses a worker of sampling the product, and snaps his neck. Ethan grimaces, and asks Trick how he knew. Trick, offhandedly: "I don't. Now I know no one else will." Thanks be to you, Season Three, for villains that were actually menacing. Trick tells Ethan to keep up the good work, and leaves. Ethan looks a little nonplussed.

Bronze. Oz has joined Buffy and Willow. Oz: "Teenagers. It's a sobering mirror to look into, huh?" Snyder walks up and stares at him. "You've got great hair." He circles him, and Oz uncomfortably reaches for his hair. Hee. Onstage, it appears the the doctor survived his face-plant, as he's leading a couple other men in a stirring a cappella rendition of "Louie, Louie." Elsewhere, a fight threatens to break out, and the kids resolve to find out what's going on with the adults. They leave, and Snyder tags along. They pile into the Jeep, and decide to check out Giles's place. Snyder gets in as well. Oz tries to kick him out, but Buffy says there's no time, and takes off. Snyder insults her driving, calling her "Summers" again. Heh.

On some random road, a couple of men, candy in hand, pull out their dicks -- er, "rev their engines." They take off for a drag race. In a park, adults frolic and play Frisbee. A mailman reads other people's mail. In the Jeep, Willow is nervous again in the front seat, and I don't know why she didn't insist that Oz drive. Oz thinks that Giles was probably pretty together as a teenager, so even if he ate the candy, he should be okay. However, Willow and Buffy, who were there for "The Dark Age," quickly disabuse him of that notion. Oz: "Well then, I guess your mom's in a lot of trouble."

Giles and Joyce stroll down the main drag, arms around each other. Giles is only in a white t-shirt now, a pack of cigarettes rolled into one sleeve. Excuse me a minute. Okay, I'm back. Joyce is babbling. Blah blah blah just-waking-up-from-a-dream-cakes. She stops to admire a jacket in a store window, which she describes as "very Juice Newton." I giggle as I picture Joyce singing "Queen Of Hearts." Giles swings a garbage can into the window, breaking it as the alarm goes off. He grabs the jacket, which is more of a shawl, and a Clockwork Orange-type hat as Joyce giggles like a schoolgirl. They hear a gun click, and a policeman yells, "Hold it!"

Jeep. Buffy approaches an intersection, as does a man whose eyes are on his candy rather than the road. Willow sees him, but it's too late, and he plows into them.

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