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Back at the main drag, Giles taunts the cop. "Copper's got a gun!" He flails his arms hilariously. We see that the cop has band candy in his pocket, although I don't know if that makes it more or less likely that he would fire the gun. Giles ends up beating the crap out of him and taking the gun as Joyce bats her eyes at him. Continuity gets another chocolate bar as we get a quick glimpse of Giles's Eyghon tattoo. Joyce sluts that he's "just like Burt Reynolds." I think that's an insult to Giles, but I agree with the underlying sentiment. They mack, and he leans her down onto the hood of the police car. Bamp chicka bamp bamp!

The other driver runs off as Buffy and Co. pile out of the Mystery Machine. Buffy, who sustained a nasty-looking cut, observes a lot of adults hanging out, and realizes that something's missing, namely vampires. They quickly deduce that the candy is cursed, and that the whole exercise must be a diversion. Buffy grabs Snyder and asks if he knows where to get the candy, which he does. She instructs Willow and Oz to go to the library to research it. Oz: "Candy curses?" Willow: "Disturbing second childhood. Got it." Heh. I miss research.

Candy factory. Buffy peels in outside and gets out of the car. She stalks forward, but does a double take so hard that it almost sends her into the previous week. She wins a free trip to Therapyville as she sees Giles and Joyce making out. She pulls Joyce away, over Giles's protests, and tells her she can't have any more and she should go home. Joyce: "Screw you." Ha! Buffy's speechless. Joyce channels Bow Wow Wow, saying she wants candy. Giles starts to drag Joyce toward the factory, but Buffy tries to snap her out of it by pointing out the damage to the car. Joyce: "Oh my God!" -- Buffy looks satisfied -- "What was I thinking when I bought the geek machine?" That line was overacted, but it was worth it to see Giles crack up behind her. I do hope Jeep got a discount on that product placement, though. Buffy and Giles argue until Buffy realizes she's getting nowhere and gets down to business. She jumps up onto the loading dock and quickly dispenses with the two guys handing out the candy. She busts open the door, and helps Joyce up and in as Giles and Snyder follow. Inside, it's deserted except for Ethan, who's on the phone with his back to them. He tells whoever's on the other end that the town is wide open. Buffy says his name, and he turns around with a surprised and scared expression. Giles and Joyce approach and flank Buffy. He says into the phone, "Might want to hurry." He bolts, and Buffy and a very spry Giles take off after him.

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