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What We Did On Our Summer Vacation

Willow arrives at the Summers place to find Spike and the damaged 'Bot. Dawn is asleep upstairs. Willow sits the 'Bot down, and the 'Bot expositions that she's programmed to find Willow when she's damaged. Hmm, do you think that will be important later in the episode? I wonder. As Willow fiddles with the 'Bot's wiring, the 'Bot apologizes to Spike for questioning his judgment in keeping her there until Willow showed up. "You know I admire your brain almost as much as your washboard abs," she smiles. Spike looks sick and growls at Willow that she was supposed to make the 'Bot "stop doing that." Ha. Serves him right. Damn straight he should be uncomfortable around the poor 'Bot. Willow agrees to work on it, and Spike slams out of the house in a huff. The 'Bot wonders if she made Spike mad, and deduces that he doesn't like her anymore. Willow tries to reassure her and then gets to work on programming.

Later that night, Dawn lies awake in bed, staring at the ceiling. She gets up and peeks into Tara and Willow's room. The witchlets are sound asleep. In bed, together, and both under the covers! Maybe this whole move to UPN won't be so bad after all. And it has already relieved me from having to worry about Buffy being pre-empted by baseball. Dawn goes into Buffy's room. The 'Bot is in bed, all hooked up to wires, with a red light in her stomach blinking. Dawn climbs in bed next to the 'Bot and cuddles up to it as best she can.

Sunnydale, the next day. The 'Bot and Giles are training in the back room of the Magic Box. Giles is worried about the fact that the 'Bot doesn't breathe convincingly and tells her, "Think of the breath as chi." Anya interrupts and basically says that the 'Bot is too stupid to understand Eastern philosophy, then flounces out of the room, muttering about the fact that Giles still hasn't left. Ingrate. The 'Bot assures Giles that she enjoys his teachings and says, "Every Slayer needs her Watcher." Poor Giles. He muses that Buffy might have been better off without him and then bitterly castigates himself, "I did what any good Watcher would do. Got my Slayer killed in the line of duty." Oh, Giles. He must be feeling so much guilt and remorse. He knew Buffy's death would come one day, but was still unprepared for the emotional blow. You know, I think exploring the pain of the people who loved Buffy would have made a much better first forty minutes of this episode. I mean, why are we going to Parent-Teacher Day when we could instead dig deep into exactly how this has affected Xander, Willow, Dawn, and Giles? Instead, we get a tiny scene with Dawn and this one with Giles, which is moving. "She's gone. I did my job." I want to give Giles a hug. He wonders why he's still in Sunnydale.

A roadhouse in the California countryside. A motorcycle gang roars up. Inside the roadhouse, demon bikers party hearty. The Hanson vamp from earlier is telling his story to one of the demons -- needless to say, he embellishes a little. Eventually he spills the fact that the Slayer has been replaced by a robot. The demon biker hauls the vamp over to the head biker and retells the story. Head Biker and his crew are excited about taking their party to the Hellmouth. They hop on their hogs and zoom down the road. If human bikers are Hell's Angels, what does that make a gang of demon bikers? Hell's Hellions? That's not very funny, but then, neither was this episode.

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