Buffy the Vampire Slayer
Bargaining, Part II

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Bargaining, Part II

Dawn runs. See Dawn run.

Buffy fights. Fight, Buffy, fight.

Sep fights too. Fights to stay awake.

After the demons have been dispatched, a relieved Xander announces that Buffy's "herself again." But as soon as Xander takes a step towards her, Buffy jerks backwards and stops him with a frightened look. She runs off. The gang wonders if they should follow her. Xander postulates that she just needs a little time, but he doesn't sound too convinced. Suddenly Erwin's red eyes open and he extends his Ginsu claws.

Anya notices Erwin about to spear Xander from behind, and she pushes him out of the way. Xander falls on his patootie and then crab-crawls backward. Erwin takes a swipe at him, but Xander manages to barely deflect his blow with a trashcan lid. You know those Ginsu knives -- they can cut right through cans! And they never need sharpening.

Buffy. Alley. Demon. Wrong place. Dead demon. So. In the distance, Buffy sees The Pylon Of Perdition, The Minaret Of Malevolence, The Tower Of Terror, The Pillar Of Purgatory rising into the sky in all its dilapidated glory.

Now it's Anya's turn with Erwin, who is remarkably still slightly alive. She and Willow and Tara all surround him and whale on him. Willow casts a little spell to conjure some goo, which she then throws at Erwin. It gloms onto his mouth and nose, suffocating him.

Dawn. Running. Comes across the freshly-slayed demon. She too sees the tower and realizes that Buffy must be headed there.

Alley. Erwin. Still going. Pulls the goo off of his face. Xander gets knocked over. Anya gets knocked over. Erwin grabs Tara, and Willow throws another spell at him that shatters his Ginsu claws. He strides over and grabs Willow by her throat, lifting her high above his head and slowly throttling her. Until he collapses from Tara's axe embedded in his back. Finally! Erwin was like the Energizer Bunny demon. Hey, where's Spike? Everyone else managed to find themselves in the same blind alleyway. Contrivance is burning the midnight oil tonight.

Devil's Derrick. Buffy stands at the top, looking down, as the events of "The Gift" play back in her mind. Man. That episode was a masterpiece compared to this one. Especially the score, which we get a welcome reprise of here. Buffy mouths the words, "Dawnie I have to." But her concentration is blown when real-life Dawn calls out from behind her, "Buffy." Buffy turns around to see Dawn. "Buffy? How?" Buffy looks confused again. Dawn is all happy to see her sister. The tower creaks and sways. Buffy turns around and contemplates jumping. Dawn screeches at her to stop and implores Buffy to "walk to [her]," but she doesn't seem to be reaching Buffy. Dawn tries again, reminding her of their close sisterly bond, as the tower creaks and sways even more ominously. Buffy turns to Dawn and asks, "Is this hell?" Damn. That's the sound of my little heart breaking. Dawn looks horrified and tries to tell Buffy that they have to get down off the tower. Dawn is practically in tears as she says she's been trying so hard to be strong the way that Buffy asked her to be, but that Dawn "need[s] her to live." None of this seems to be affecting Buffy until the tower starts to collapse, and it's seeing Dawn in actual physical danger that finally spurs Buffy to action. She's going purely on Slayer instinct. Buffy grabs Dawn and leaps for a steel cable attached to a pulley. The cable races through the pulley, barely slowing their descent. The bolts attaching it to the tower begin to pop off, and the girls plummet to the ground, Dawn landing on Buffy. Buffy opens her eyes to see the platform crashing down towards them at a speed of 9.8 meters per second per second, and she rolls them both out of the way. The camera zooms out, and the entire tower collapses. Y'know, I don't really want to be writing any sentences that contain the words "tower" and "collapses" in them right now, if it's all the same. Buffy and Dawn are safe. Dawn takes a long searching look at Buffy, and with tears in her eyes throws her arms around her newly revived sister. "You're alive and you're home. You're home," she murmurs into Buffy's hair, crying tears of joy. Over Dawn's shoulder, Buffy's face is expressionless.

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