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Abuse is bad, mmmkay?

Cut to a quick shot of some very girlie dolls being knocked off a chest, which is then opened and rummaged through (by Buffy, even though you don't really see her). She grabs some manacles. Did she get those from Faith? Cut to the mansion, where she chains Angel to a rather rickety-looking metal support. He's regaining consciousness, and suddenly snarls and leaps at her, but is restrained. Buffy examines the floor where Angel landed after falling out of the air. The area surrounding his body was turned black. I have no idea why. Buffy is plainly shaken by Angel's animalistic noises and behavior.

Cut to another growling animal, Oz. Faith has a portable CD player turned up to eleven, and is dancing, her back to the library entrance. She looks great in a simple dark denim vest and shorts. Buffy comes up behind her. I giggle in anticipation. She taps Faith on the back, and Faith whirls and smacks her in the face. Ha! That cracked me up. Also, it's a nice little glimpse of their future fights, because Buffy is clearly hurt more from Faith's punch than from that of any vampire. Faith immediately apologizes, and Buffy explains that she came to give Faith the rest of the night off, because she "couldn't sleep." While that may be true, the sense behind it is Lie Number One in a long series over the next three episodes. Faith jumps at the chance to patrol, and makes herself scarce. Buffy winces at Oz's growling (another nice touch. Damn damn!) and goes straight to the card catalogue.

Day. Oz lies naked and asleep on the floor of the cage area, although we only see his upper torso. Still, that's enough. You know, I have to rewind several times to recap these episodes. It's part of my job. Don't look at me like that. Giles comes in and casually unlocks the cage as he sips his coffee. That was cute. You know, I hate to admit it, but I'm actually liking this episode so far. But don't lose heart -- I'm sure Marti Noxon will find a way to let me down. Giles finds a sleeping Buffy with a couple of books around her. He picks one up as Buffy stirs. Buffy tries to say the books are Faith's, which is a pretty poor lie, especially considering that they're all about Acathla. Giles isn't buying it, and asks what's on her mind. She tells him that she had a dream about Angel -- more specifically, that he came back. I can just hear Willow in "Reptile Boy": "You're lying to Giles!" Giles empathizes -- he had similar dreams about Jenny after she died. Aw. Sniff. Buffy tells him how vivid the dream was, but denies that it might be prophetic. She wants to know if it's possible to return from a hell dimension, and he says that there's no record of anyone having done so "once the gates are closed." Does that mean there's a record of it when the gates were still open? "Honey, hold this gate open. I just want to have a quick look around the eighth plane of hell." There's some sloppy writing in this scene, and it really bugs me that Giles is stuck with most of it. But in the bigger picture, my world is starting to make a little more sense. Buffy wants to know, "hypothetically," what Angel would be like if he returned. Giles says that time moves differently there, and Buffy says, "I remember." Argh! How does Giles know that if no one has ever returned? And how do they know that the dimension Buffy was in has any relation to the one Angel was in? Buffy realizes that he would have been there for "hundreds of years of torture." Again, how do they know about the torture thing? And just because they said it in "Becoming" doesn't explain how they knew it. Buffy wonders if Angel would be a lost cause. Giles doesn't know, but opines that "it would take a person of extraordinary will and character to survive that and retain any semblance of self." And to think that in one short episode he'll be back to his mopey ways. I'm a little disappointed that Giles didn't read Buffy a little better here, but it's a minor complaint. Willow breaks the mood by coming in and offering everyone doughnuts. Willow wonders why Buffy's there, and says, "This time it's not your boyfriend who's the cold-blooded" -- she notices that Oz is now next to her -- "jelly doughnut?" Ha! That was hard to transcribe, but it was hilarious. Buffy asks what Willow found at the morgue. Willow, too loudly: "Anyone? They're yummy delicious." That's the Willow I used to know and not hate. Willow says that her examination wasn't conclusive. Buffy is anxious to know whether it was a vampire, and her vehemence takes everyone aback. She apologizes, and Giles looks puzzled.

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