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Abuse is bad, mmmkay?

Giles tells the group that they're looking for a "depraved, sadistic animal." Oz, who's just walked in: "Present. Hey, I may be a cold-blooded jelly doughnut, but my timing's impeccable." BWA HA HA! Willow eagerly tells him that he's cleared, and he's thrilled. Giles is happy as well, but directs their attention to trying to find a connection between the two murders. Oz, his meeting with Debbie fresh in his mind, figures it's her. According to Oz, Debbie and Jeff Walken were in jazz band together, and "used to horse around." Faith: "They were screwing?" Oz: "I -- don't think so, but he hid her music comp book once." Another great moment. Help! Buffy knows that Debbie knew Platt, and they quickly deduce that Pete is the killer. They split up into two teams to look for Debbie and Pete: Giles and Faith, and Buffy and Willow. Man, I know which team I want to be on. Oz locks himself in the cage.

Girls' bathroom. Debbie applies make-up to her shiner. Buffy and Willow enter, and Buffy's on Debbie like white on rice. Buffy tells her that people are dying, and Debbie starts making excuses and blaming herself. Willow thinks that the killer had to be an animal, but Buffy figures it out: "Pete's not like other guys, is he, Debbie?" Well, if she's practicing on a doorknob, he's sure not like any of the guys I know. Debbie tries to leave, but Buffy and Willow aren't having it. Buffy says, "We're running out of time."

Cut to a sweaty (?) Angel, struggling against his chains. The metal support breaks, and he's out of there.

Bathroom. Debbie says she doesn't know where Pete is, but Buffy thinks she's lying. Debbie: "What if I am? What are you gonna do about it?" Willow, and me: "Wrong question." Buffy grabs Debbie and shoves her in front of one of the mirrors and forces her to look at her eye. She tells Debbie that Pete doesn't love her if he could hurt her like he did. Debbie wonders if they'd take him away, and says, "I could never do that to him. I'm his everything." Sigh. Buffy: "So while you two live out your grim fairy tale, two people are dead." I read the completely unabridged and uncensored Grimm's Fairy Tales when I was a kid. I positively loved them. I think it explains a lot. Buffy continues, "Who's gonna be next?"

Oz, in his cage. Pete appears: "Since when do you touch my girl?" Oz tries to get him to leave before he wolfs out, but Pete's the one doing the morphing right now. Commercial.

Antz. Aw.

Pete rips the cage door off. How strong is this guy? I mean, we know that door can hold a werewolf (this episode) or a vampire ("Doppelgangland"). I'm just sayin'. Anyway, he throws Oz out of the cage.

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