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Becoming, Part I

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Becoming, Part I

At the library, everyone is researching except for Giles and Buffy, who are on the mezzanine level discussing recent events. Kendra overhears Buffy say, "She said more would die. I have to go," and decides that she should go "wit'" Buffy. Buffy tells Kendra that she should stay at the library "just in case." Willow says that she needs to cross-check the ritual, but Buffy cuts her off, saying that they're out of time. Willow tells Buffy that she needs thirty minutes to perform the ritual once they're all set up, and Giles advises Buffy to just "hold Angel off. Don't let him close on you." Xander cautions Buffy to take care, and she starts to leave, but Kendra stops her to hand over her lucky stake, "Mr. Pointy." Buffy is amused but touched by the gift, and then leaves to go walk into the trap Angel has set.

At the cemetery, Buffy is pacing alertly as Angel walk out from behind a mausoleum. "Hello, lover. I wasn't sure you'd come." Buffy: "After your immolation-o-gram? Come on, I had to show." Yet again, I'm finding it hard to believe that a girl who knows the word "immolation" wouldn't know that there's more than one definition for "dyke." Anyway, Angel tells Buffy that she's "the one thing in this dimension I will miss." Buffy, steely-voiced, deadpans, "This is a beautiful moment we're having. Can we please fight?" Angel quips that he was actually interested in getting back together with Buffy, but upon catching her look says, "All right. We'll fight," and rushes her.

Willow is all set up by now in the library. She's got her orb and some candles and bones and whatnot. She casts some stones and then nods to Giles, who opens his book and starts chanting in Latin. Cordelia walks by waving some sage in the air, and Xander, well, Xander just watches. Probably partly in silent protest, but mostly because he's useless.

Buffy and Angelus duke it out in the graveyard. After Angelus flips her, she mutters, "Come on, Willow."

Kendra is guarding the main doors to the library as Willow speaks aloud part of the spell when suddenly a vampire springs out from behind the stacks and attacks Xander. The main doors burst open and Kendra whirls around, ready to defend, as two more vampires enter. Giles screams at everyone to get out. Willow and Cordelia break for the stairs as Kendra punches the first vampire who approaches her. Another vamp jumps Giles from behind and knocks him into the table. In the ensuing fray, a vampire pushes a bookcase onto Willow, knocking her unconscious. Giles hasn't been knocked out since "Passion" so it's his turn again as well. Xander's arm is broken by a vampire, but he manages to fight on anyway; pushing the vampire that he has been grappling with into the vampire who was in pursuit of Cordelia, who just stands there frozen with fright. Cordelia then screams and takes off through the stacks. Meanwhile, Kendra has just thrown one vampire through the window into Giles's office and is methodically going after another when she's tackled from the side.

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