Buffy the Vampire Slayer
Becoming, Part II

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Becoming, Part II

Cut to SHS. Xander and Giles, who is walking rather unsteadily, approach Oz, who is pushing a wheelchair-bound Willow, who really wouldn't have been released from the hospital so quickly, much less allowed to attend school. Everyone compares stories and they realize that nobody has heard from Buffy. "But we know the world didn't end, 'cause...check it out," says Oz. Willow is of the opinion that the spell was a success, and Xander postulates that it might have worked too late after Buffy had already killed Angel. Oz suggests that she'd want to be alone in that case, and Willow hopelessly romanticizes that perhaps Angel was cured and he and Buffy went off to be alone together. Cordelia: "Well, she's gotta show up sooner or later. We still have school." "Yeah," falters Willow. "She'll be here in a while." They turn and head indoors. Oh, my heart aches.

Buffy takes a moment to look at the school from behind a tree and watches them go inside. She turns and walks down the street.

The next shot shows houses passing by from the inside of a bus and then the camera pulls back enough for us to see Buffy's reflection. We see the bus head down the road, and the camera comes to rest on sign that reads "Now leaving Sunnydale."

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