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Becoming, Part II

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Becoming, Part II

At the hospital, Xander sits next to Willow's bed, with Cordy standing beside him. Cordy nicely offers to go get some coffee and Xander sits alone with Willow. After a pause, he grabs her hand and begs her to wake up, asking who will help him with his trig and who he'll call every night. He tells her she's his best friend, and then desperately admits, "I love you." At that point I think Willow's eyelids flutter and her hand moves, but it's hard to see through this sudden blurring in my eyes. Another tissue break and I'm all better, just in time to see the look on Xander's face as Willow wakes up and her first word is a whispered, "Oz?" And then things get blurry again for awhile. Oz is in the doorway and Xander moves to let him sit next to Willow, where he holds her hand and whispers to her. Xander leaves to get a doctor. Willow tells Oz her head feels big, but he reassures her that it's "head size" and gives her a gentle kiss. "Is everybody else okay?" wonders Willow.

Giles is bound to a chair, blood on his hands. Angelus sits nearby, casually polishing Giles's glasses, which he then places back on Giles's face, telling him, "Rupert buddy, I'm impressed." Giles claims to have been "never better" and Angelus is glad to hear it. He kneels next to the chair and, placing his hands somewhere off-screen, tells Giles, "Tell me when it hurts." It looks like it hurts already, you know? Torturing-Angelus is a bit pretentious and, as usual, seems to mostly talk to hear the sound of his own voice.

Buffy and Spike walk up to her house, eyeing each other suspiciously. As they walk, Joyce pulls up alongside them in the driveway, babbling that the police were at the house and wanting to know if Buffy is okay. Buffy gives Spike an expressive "don't say anything in front of my mother" eye roll. Joyce demands, "Who is this man?" and then tries to tell Buffy that "terrible things" have been happening. "What, your mom doesn't know?" laughs Spike, necessitating Buffy to lie very unconvincingly that she and Spike are in a rock band together. Apparently Buffy plays the drums and Spike sings, and I must say that is a show I would pay to see. Joyce is skeptical, and Buffy is impatient to move the discussion inside. As they approach the house, a vampire jumps out at them. Buffy and Spike make short work of the vamp, who ends up getting dusted right in front of the astonished Joyce. The vamp is identified as "one of Angelus's boys"; Spike, in that crushingly sexy way he has that could send excited shivers down a lump of cement, mutters, "He won't get a chance to tattle on us now." Happy sigh. Um, back at the action, Joyce demands to know what is going on and Buffy tells her, "Mom, I'm a vampire slayer." Joyce takes an extra helping of "befuddled" to go with her entrée of "confused."

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