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Beer Bad

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Beer Bad

The gang is sitting in a parking lot. We see a fireman walk by, so it seems that the Sunnydale FD eventually showed up. Xander is wondering if Buffy has learned her lesson. He asks her, "What did we learn about beer?" At the mention of beer, Buffy replies, "Foamy!" I crack a small smile that is mostly due to the fact that I know this is the last scene. Xander says that the Caveboys are contained for the moment and have "time to ponder the geopolitical ramifications of being mean to me!" The camera follows Buffy to a minivan parked close by that holds the Caveboys. I wish the glass were soundproof, because I can still hear the faint sounds of monkey noises. Giles inquires as to the ownership of the van. Xander shrugs and says it wasn't locked. Parker, who has recovered but probably has a nasty headache, approaches Buffy to grovel and ask for her forgiveness. Buffy contemplates this for a moment but then knocks him out again. It's good to see that Buffy's primal instincts regarding Parker are in the right place. The rest of the gang approaches to stare at Parker. Willow looks particularly satisfied. They all wander off as the show comes to a merciful close.

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Buffy the Vampire Slayer




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