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Beer Bad

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Beer Bad

Xander is still behind the bar, but things have quieted down. "Rough day?" he asks a blonde in a pink sweater, and she begins to babble about sorority business. Xander smiles at her, but a chucklehead with sideburns interrupts and condescendingly tells the sorority girl to stop bothering Xander. Chucklehead lowers his voice and begins to discuss party plans with Sorority Girl. Xander resents the intrusion and attempts to butt back into the conversation. Chucklehead snottily asks what Xander and Sorority Girl were discussing and then proceeds to say, "Sounds like the two of you were having quite the meeting of minds. Possibly debating the geopolitical ramifications of bioengineering." Xander looks confused. Chucklehead asks if Xander "has a take on that" and Xander replies, "I got beer. Want some beer?" Chucklehead replies he'll take a pitcher of Black Frost and continues, in his garbled pseudo-intellectual lingo, to harass Xander about flirting with someone so obviously above his social station. The sorority girl looks uncomfortable. "You see, we are the future of this country, and you keep the bowl of peanuts full," snots Chucklehead. Xander tries to pull a power play by demanding ID from Chucklehead, but Xander's boss tells him to just give Chucklehead the beer. Y'know, I already saw this scene when it was in Good Will Hunting and I didn't enjoy it then either.

Buffy sits at the bar MOPING! I'm getting so tired of typing that word. Xander tries out his concerned bartender face, and Buffy admits that Parker's real problem with intimacy is that he "can't get enough of it." She then tries to convince herself that "if he were tied and gagged and left in a cave that vampires happen to frequent, it wouldn't really be like I killed him, really," but Xander admonishes her. "I'm a slut," she moans. Xander starts to tell her to stop being so hard on herself, but his boss yells at him to get back to work. Xander tells Buffy not to go anywhere and he does a very credible job at expressing real concern. Of course, nothing Xander says to Buffy could possibly be of importance, so she starts to leave. She bumps into and spills the beer of a guy who starts to hit on her in a smarmy voice. Chucklehead from the bar approaches and tells her, "You shouldn't be sad and alone right now. I mean, you're a very beautiful girl who should be covered with men. Can we be those men?" and another one of his buddies offers her a beer. I honestly can't believe Buffy is going to fall for a crap line like that. But at that moment she sees Parker leaving with his latest girl; she takes the proffered beer and smiles.

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