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Beer Bad

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Beer Bad

The Bronze. Oz brings beverages to Willow, who tells him that she has Psych notes for him, since he missed class. Willow continues to speak but Oz gets a strange look, like he just smelled something stinky. Willow asks what's wrong and he insists it was nothing as he turns his attention back to her. On stage, the blonde girl from the "previouslys" steps up to the microphone. Her eyes look like two little bruises. Moody, quiet music plays and the blonde opens her mouth to sing in an incongruously deep voice. I'm sure the actress playing Veruca was going for emotion here with her lip-synching, but she looks more like she's fellating the microphone. Hope she doesn't get any electric shocks! Not. I hate her. ["So do I. Go home, Terruh Streetchild." -- Sars] Oz stares at Veruca with intense concentration as she sings and sways. Willow obviously senses that something is wrong and tells Oz, "We could go back to your place." Oz, mesmerized by the singer, declines the invitation. Willow becomes more uncomfortable and concerned as the song continues. Oz says that he doesn't know Veruca, the singer, but does know the band's drummer. I think everyone except Oz in this scene must have pissed off the wardrobe lady something fierce. It's the only explanation.

We hear a chorus of "Chug! Chug! Chug!" and we're back at the pub where Buffy is draining a glass of beer. She's sitting with Chucklehead and his three buddies; Chucklehead is spouting his usual meaningless "high-brow" drivel. Buffy, obviously deep in her cups, slurs that her mother "always said beer is evil." "Evil, good. These are moral absolutes that predate the fermentation of malt and fine hops," lectures Chucklehead. One of the friends attempts to bring up Thomas Aquinas but is shot down with, "There will be no Thomas Aquinas at this table." Heh. The discussion continues: "Had the earliest morality developed under the influence of beer there would, there would be no good or evil. There would be 'kinda nice' and 'pretty cool'. Everything would be different." Morons. Xander is at the bar, watching Buffy with concern. "You guys really love to hear yourselves speak, dontcha?" asks Buffy with a glimmer of her former spunk, and I for one wish these guys would shut the hell up. They continue drinking.

The next morning we see Willow returning to The World's Largest Dorm Room from the bathroom. She says, in a squeaky voice, "My name's Veruca. I'm in a band." In a deep, male voice she continues, "Oh, I'm Oz. I'm in a band too. Oh, and this is Will." Boy, she sounds bitter. Back to "Veruca's" voice: "Oh, how fun -- a groupie." Willow asks Buffy if she has ever heard of Veruca and mentions that she has a voice "like an albatross." Hee. Buffy, as usual, has no time for other people's concerns and drones, "TV is a good thing." We see that she's still in her pajamas and is crouched very close to the television. She tells Willow that she is suffering after a "night of badness." "You didn't! Not with Parker again," exclaims Willow. Buffy responds, "No. With four really smart guys." Willow is shocked and concerned at what she thinks is an admission of excessive friskiness on Buffy's part and inquires if she's okay. It's cute how Willow is still so supportive, even when faced with prospect of Buffy participating in a four-way. Buffy explains that in fact she didn't have group sex, but did drink . . . beer. "Lots and lots of beer. It's nice . . . foamy . . . comforting. It's . . . beer," explains Buffy. She's obviously not feeling her usual perky self. Willow realizes that Buffy was trying to drown her sorrows over Parker and suggest that they throw spitballs at him during class. Buffy gets up and starts to leave the room still in her pajamas (which, as I recall from my college experience, wasn't entirely uncommon), but Willow reminds her to get dressed. ["Hah! Just yesterday I saw a girl in pajamas getting lunch in the campus cafeteria." -- Ace] ["Me too!" -- Sars]

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