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Beer Bad

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Beer Bad

In Psych class, Buffy and Willow listen to Dr. Hardass talk about next week's reading. As she continues to lecture, Buffy gazes longingly at the sandwich being eaten by a girl in front of her. Buffy grabs the sandwich and stuffs it in her mouth, much to Willow's astonishment. She continues to munch the sandwich and tells Willow that she's okay. Buffy's facial expressions in this scene are priceless.

In a dark room we see one of those TV chemistry set-ups with the beakers and flasks and bubbling liquids. Someone wearing rubber gloves siphons a green liquid into a keg of Black Frost beer.

Later that night at the pub, Buffy is drinking with the four "smart" guys. They are all wasted, dude, and reduced to a barely verbal state. Buffy slumps at the table and slurps her beer. A perturbed Xander is polishing glasses behind the bar and watching her. A pretty girl approaches and tells him she's having a terrible day and asks for a light, but he just shows her a "no smoking" sign so he can continue to keep his eye on Buffy. Chucklehead slams his hand on the table and slurs, "I like girls!" Buffy whacks him and grunts, "You stupid!" "You stupid!" declares Chucklehead and falls partially under the table. "No, you stupid," says one of the other guys. Buffy sniffs Chucklehead and says, "Smelly-head." They all continue to laugh and fall over. As my friend Keight said, "I have already seen this episode when it was on Star Trek: The Next Generation. However, I believe that Buffy will make a much cuter prehistoric human than Commander Riker did." Word.

Willow exits her room and Oz approaches, calling her name. He says he's been trying to call her and she gives him a small reserved smile. The tension in this scene is painful. These are two people who have many things to say to each other, but can't. Willow notes that Oz missed class again. He mentions that he had band practice and that Shy, Veruca's band, asked him to play with them tonight. He invites Willow, but she declines. They stare at each other for a long moment before Willow says, "See ya," and walks away. Oz stares after her with a sad contemplative face. I think I'm going to cry.

Back at the pub Buffy and the four "smart" guys continue to drink. I really, really don't want to note all their dialogue because it's about as interesting as watching mold grow. Suffice it to say that they have all been reduced to monosyllabic utterances and drunken laughter. Xander plays a song on the jukebox; Buffy runs over, climbs on the juke box and mutters. Xander tells Buffy it's time to go home and that he has "cut her off." "Did it hurt?" asks Buffy, looking dim and confused. Xander walks her to the door and tells her to go home. He then turns to the four guys, who are starting to get agitated. I can't believe Xander, concerned as he has been so far, let her walk home by herself that drunk.

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