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Beer Bad

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Beer Bad

We're back in Buffy's dorm room, watching Buffy, crouched halfway on a swivel chair, spinning herself around. She falls off from dizziness (or ditziness, whichever you prefer) and gives the chair an angry shove across the room. She then catches sight of the TV, pounding on it and demanding, "Want people." Giles tells her that "the TV is off," in the loud voice reserved for talking to foreigners and the evolutionarily challenged. Buffy then approaches Xander, sniffing him and saying, "Boy smell nice." Xander suggests finding the "fun-boys" and for the sake of plot movement explains, "Jack said the effects of the beer would wear off . . ." At the mention of beer Buffy perks up, saying, "Want beer." Giles vetoes that idea. Buffy turns to him and says very deliberately, "Want. Beer." Xander suggests they not make "caveslayer" unhappy. I really would have thought that Giles would have been a bit more careful when dealing with a physical manifestation of the id of a person who is strong enough to bend a shotgun barrel. Buffy smacks her hand against her chest (in a gesture reminiscent of how kids in grade school make fun of the disabled) and grunts that "Buffy strong. Get beer." She sucker-punches Giles hard enough to knock him into her desk and runs out of the room. I bet that'll teach Giles to think the situation through next time. Xander stops to make sure that his honey is okay, and Giles tells him to go after Buffy. Xander runs into the hall, but Buffy is already out of sight. He stands there like an idiot until Giles reaches him and tells him which way to go. You'd think that someone who could figure out that a supernaturally strong Buffy with no superego should be kept happy would be able to pick a direction.

We're back at the lounge where Bam-Bam and his posse have built a fire. Nice to see that they've mastered the fire concept they were having trouble with only thirty minutes ago. A couple of students appear at the top of the stairs, but one of the Caveboys makes threatening monkey noises and scares them away. Enough with the freakin' monkey noises already. The caveboy crouched over Willow shouts, "Woman!" and his friends sound off in quick succession, failing to entertain us with an impromptu dance. This inadvertently provided one of the three joyous moments I had watching this episode, as it reminded me of Mike Myers' beat poetry ("Wo-man Whoa Man!") in So I Married an Axe Murderer. Predictably, the fire built indoors ignites the rest of the room. At this point in ST:NG, which I would rather be watching, Captain Picard was slowly regressing into a lemur.

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