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Buffy vs. Dracula

Back at Buffy's, she tells her mom that she's taking off to go to the movies with Riley. She turns the corner into her room and with a puzzled look asks, "What are you doing here?" The camera view changes to show Dawn, Buffy's identical cousin from England, I mean, desperate ratings grab, I mean "sister." Joyce calls out that Buffy should take her "sister," and both girls protest, "Mooooom," in that offended tone native to teenaged siblings. Dawn is played by a young actress named Michelle Trachtenberg, and not by Rae Dawn Chong as you might be forgiven for thinking. And, incidentally, Sep was once left in the care of Cheech Marin for an evening (which practically makes her Rae Dawn Chong's sister; they're like two hot bananas from the same bunch) while her parents took Cheech's aunt to the emergency room. Let me repeat: Cheech Marin was once responsible for the health and welfare of Sep. This just goes to show you that not being familiar with pop culture can be very dangerous.

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