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Not-Dreg sidles into Glory's dressing room. Hey, according to the closed captioning, his name is Jinx! Whatever. I hate Jinx. He's like the New Coke of obsequious trolls. Anyhoo, Glory, clad only in a red towel, wants to know what happened to Jinx's face, and we see that he's covered in cuts and bruises. Well, I think they're bruises; it's hard to tell with all the crustiness. As Glory slathers on lotion, Jinx explains that the beating is a "message from Ben. He isn't going to help." Glory repeats this, as though she has genuinely never heard such a phrase in her life. She seems very confused. Glory rants about Ben refusing to help and actually says, "He could seduce [Buffy] and bang the Key out of her!" Pretty crass for eight p.m.! Is Xander going to be described as "throwing a hump into" Anya? Sheesh. Jinx describes Ben as "quite attractive," and Glory snaps, "Well, of course he's attractive!" Hmmmmm. Glory cuddles Jinx up against the wall, and as he waves his hands nervously, she croons, "Sweet bumpy minion. You're the only one that understands." Hee -- for some reason I'm finding Glory somewhat more amusing this scene. She flings her hands up, saying Ben "makes [her] sooo mad," and Jinx cowers, thinking he's going to get his brain sucked. Oh, I just went to a scary mental place. Ew. Glory stomps off, muttering that she'll find Buffy herself, and Jinx breathes a sigh of relief.

At the magic shop, the CoW delegation has departed. Buffy is slumped at the table as Giles points out for the viewers just joining in, "It's a power play. That's what it is. It's about who has the power." Is Giles trying to go for a new nickname, like Rupert Two-Times? Buffy sulks that there's a "big power outage in Buffy County." They discuss whether she could have hit Quentin, and Giles declares that if she can't, he will. Aw, poor kids. Buffy asks if the Council can really deport Giles as they threatened, and he confirms that they have much power in that area. Buffy is worried about the review, in particular past decisions she has made. Giles assures her that she has done nothing wrong and that the CoW is acting wrongly, holding his green card hostage and all. She quietly says that that was a smart decision: "They picked the perfect thing. I can't lose you." Awwwwww. They share a nice moment. Buffy wonders how the CoW will begin their review.

Xander's apartment. We see Anya stating, "Anya Christina Emmanuella Jenkins." Well, if you get to make up a name, might as well squeeze in anything that catches your fancy. She tells a cute fabricated story about having been born on the fourth of July and blathers on. Xander, slumped beside her, looks very uncomfortable.

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