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Library. Willow cutely fills Buffy in on her encounter with Faith. Giles interrupts to ask about the Books of Ascension. She strings him along, telling him she doesn't remember much, but then produces a few pages she ripped out of one of the volumes. "See what you can make of them?" See -- attention whore. Giles is thrilled, and practically skips off to look at them. Wes ponces that they're right back where they started. Yeah, except for the pages, dolt. Buffy looks sad as she perceives the subtext about her future.

School, outside. Buffy sits by a tree. Willow joins her. Buffy says that she's never getting out of Sunnydale, but she does so in a remarkably whinge-free way. Willow says that it must be tough, and that for her part, she can do anything she wants. Once again, Willow's playing up the "I've got a secret" thing for attention. It's annoying. However, she makes up for it by telling Buffy that she's going to UC Sunnydale with her. Buffy tackles her in glee, but then says Willow can't do that. Willow: "Of the two people here, which is the boss of me?" Buffy says that there are better colleges, but Willow says that UCS isn't bad, and that she can design her own curriculum. Yeah, like Potions 101, Advanced Transmogrification, End Of The World 207. And so on. Buffy says that Willow shouldn't stay because of her, but Willow gives a speech about wanting to fight the good fight and help people. Buffy: "I kinda love you." Aw. They decide to have mochas. Buffy: "It's weird. You look at something, and you think you know exactly what you're seeing, and then you find out it's something else entirely." Completely irrelevant sentiment, or ham-handed transition to the next scene? You decide.

Cordy, in the shop, checks out the same dress she was looking at earlier. A matronly woman interrupts her reverie, saying her break's over. Cordy's working? What can this mean? Maybe I shouldn't have recapped "The Prom" first. Cordy turns back to the mirror, looking sad. She hangs up the dress.

Graveyard. Buffy and Angel sit on a blanket. Is the graveyard symbolic of the fate of their relationship? Well, this show used to be subtle. Buffy tells Angel that she and Willow are going to look at the Sunnydale campus that weekend. They tell each other that the Mayor didn't know what he was talking about. They share a nice moment. Foreshadowing snickers from the woods. The end.

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