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Conversations With Dead People

Then Holden worries that Buffy doesn't share his excitement about their upcoming fight. Buffy mopes that it's not the fighting worrying her, but the fact that she's going to win. Chuckling, Holden says he thinks he has a pretty good chance, and Buffy flatly replies that he won't be leaving the graveyard. "Do the words 'superiority complex' mean anything to you?" asks Holden. These psych majors never let up, do they? Always wanting to know why you chose the maple donut instead of the crème-filled and finding deep meaning in the items you haul around in your backpack. Buffy doesn't really reply, just reiterates her sworn duty as the Slayer. Claiming that there are other issues at stake (heh), Holden pries, "Whose fault was your parents' divorce?" That's what I'm talking about -- nosy psych majors. Buffy rolls her eyes and quips that now he's using "insane troll logic." Holden sits down next to Buffy, who decides that her father was most at fault for ending her parents' marriage. She says she thinks Hank cheated on Joyce, although she's not sure. I wonder if that's something she's suspected all along, or something she's more recently come to believe after all her experience with failed relationships. Holden asks Buffy if she has troubled relationships because, deep down, she believes she's better than men. Or the men she dates. I'm not clear there. So he's mining the superiority complex vein again. On first viewing, I thought Holden was simply a device to give us some insight into Buffy's thoughts (though why she couldn't just talk to Willow, I don't know. Oh wait. Willow is way boring these days), but on second viewing, I can more and more believe that Holden is an emissary of the Big Bad Beneath.

Anyway, Buffy's ticked, and they bicker about how Buffy didn't remember Holden. He says he understands how Buffy feels, because having a chosen destiny probably could lead to someone feeling superior. Buffy protests that she doesn't feel at all superior, and in fact she's done terrible things that her friends don't know about, and if they did, they'd hate her. That old chestnut? Hello, Season Six. Gawd. If it's sexual things, Buffy, who cares? I mean, damn, perhaps your lesbian friend could actually sympathize with having sexual feelings that aren't mainstream. And if it's that you treated Spike really, really crappily, well, perhaps Xander could sympathize since he wasn't a prince to Anya either. "Buffy, I'm here to kill you, not to judge you," says Holden, cracking me up. Buffy continues to ramble, confessing that things got really bad in her last relationship. She acted "like a monster" and was horrible to the guy, but at the same time she somehow submitted herself to his desires. She sniffles and mopes while Holden surveys a small statue placed on a nearby grave. He grabs the statue and belts Buffy in the face with it, causing her to flip backwards off the sepulcher she was sitting on. New rule for Season Seven: As soon as any character gets mopey and introspective, someone else in their vicinity must immediately belt them in the face with the Virgin Mary. Whee! That'll sort all these Gloomy Guses out quickly enough. He tells her, "Everyone's got issues," and leans in to bite her neck. Everyone's got issues, but most of us don't discuss them with strangers in graveyards late at night. At least, I don't -- I can't speak for the rest of the TWoP recappers. They have some mighty strange habits.

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