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Dead Things

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Dead Things

She throws Warren out into the main room, where his entrance interrupts a light-saber fight between the Betas. A literal light-saber fight, not any sort of basement love. As the Betas scramble for the cerebral dampener, Katrina forcefully demands to know what was done to her. The three men surround her and Andrew thrusts out the dampener, which emits a few sparks but fails to work. "First a skank-bot and now this?! What is wrong with you?" demands Katrina, giving Warren and his mat of chest hair a good shove. I know Buffy can't kill Warren because he's a human and all, but maybe she could just hold him down and wax his chest? Warren claims he wanted them to be together, and Katrina shouts that she isn't his girlfriend anymore. The Betas are shocked to find out that Warren brought home his ex; somehow it makes it all the more real for them, and they're appalled. Katrina, displaying some refreshing anger and candor in this season of weeping, muted women, gives the Dims a piece of her mind: "Bunch of little boys playing at being men. This is not some fantasy! It's not a game, you freaks! It's rape!" Jonathan and Andrew try to claim that they didn't mean to rape her, but their faces say that they've realized she's right. Katrina tells Warren she's going to make sure he goes to jail for her abduction. "And then we'll see how you like getting raped!" She rushes to leave the basement, making short work of the Betas who try to stop her. She's partway up the stairs when Warren catches her. They struggle, and she slashes his face with her nails, but he manages to knock her down and then club her in the head with a bottle. "Charge the cerebral dampener," demands Warren, but Jonathan and Andrew are really freaked out. Andrew disproves Warren's claim that everything will be all right when he touches the back of Katrina's head and says, "She's dead." And I'm seriously sad. Katrina was just an everyday girl who, when confronted with unacceptable behavior, did exactly the right thing and she ended up dead. I liked Katrina's no-nonsense attitude last season too, and in this episode I found her to be a refreshing antidote to Buffy's season and a half of sniveling. I'm sorry you had to die, Katrina. I guess maybe that's what happens to bright, independent, forthright women on Buffy these days. Not to belabor the point, but I've seen a shift lately to a depiction of our two main female characters as women unable to control their own desires, who have these appetites that they need help in curbing. It's a far cry from the days of yore when this show featured proactive women taking care of their own business. Speaking their minds and kicking ass. Now the first such creature we see in two years gets clubbed to death like a baby seal.

Back from a break, we're still at the Legion of Dim's lair of dim. Andrew cries into a tissue while Warren figures out that he broke Katrina's neck. Jonathan looks shell-shocked. "What the hell did you do?" he demands, horrified. Warren slams him into a wall and yells that the murder is on all of them. "We have to get rid of it," decides Warren, meaning Katrina's body, and asks if Jonathan can teleport it elsewhere. "No, she's -- it's too big," moans Jonathan. Andrew says he could summon a demon to consume Katrina's body, but the demon would most likely eat them too. Jonathan freaks out that Buffy will figure out they're connected to Katrina's death, since Warren is Katrina's ex. Both Jonathan and Andrew bring up turning themselves in, but Warren will have none of it. After bit of thinking, Warren says he has a plan to take care of both the body and the Slayer at the same time.

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