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Faith Who?

I miss you Snyder,
I miss you so.
You snarked on Buffy,
Giles and Willow.
And now you're snake food,
Such woe!
Oh, Snyder, I miss you so.

Willow and Buffy walk into the library. Willow is explaining that Snyder threatened her with his eyes. "There was some nostril work as well, but mostly eyes." Maybe he was just staring at Willow's purse, which looks like it was made by a blind child at a third-grade crafts fair. Buffy offers to kick his ass. Willow declines, but says she hates Snyder's bullying. "He just assumes everyone's time is his." Predictably, Giles orders her onto the computer, and she sunnily complies. Faith and a very winded Wesley enter. Giles asks how it went. Faith: "Princess Margaret here had a little trouble keepin' up." Ha! I know I shouldn't be so amused every time someone insinuates or says that Wesley is a woman, but if it's wrong, I don't want to be right. Giles repeats the question for Wesley, who says that Faith did very well. Giles asks if he's up to taking Buffy out, and he pants an affirmative. What exactly was he doing out there -- chasing after the girls' track team? The boys' track team? Faith: "You're gonna love it, B. It's just like fun, only boring." Giles chides her, and she abashedly apologizes. She's selling the double-agent thing here. Buffy says she's going to go change, and Faith wishes her luck. When Buffy and Wesley leave, Faith asks what Willow's doing. Willow casts her a sidelong glance that would make you think Faith just blew her nose on Willow's sweater. That would be an improvement for the sweater, actually. She says she's trying to hack into the Mayor's personal files. Faith, a little too interestedly, asks if Willow can get past the barriers, but Willow's too busy with her own ego to notice Faith's tone, and says she'll get through eventually.

Faith's apartment. She's just told the Mayor what happened in the library, and he says that that's very interesting. In the time it took to utter that sentence, he mentally listed eight different ways to kill Willow. Faith's happy, because the Mayor is just now giving her the apartment. He says she's not going to live in that "fleabag hotel" any longer. "There are immoral liaisons going on there." Faith: "Yeah, plus all the screwing." Oh, Professor Higgins, you've got some more work to do before Miss Doolittle is ready for the ball. The Mayor says they'll hang on to her old place to keep the Scoobs in the dark. Faith, slightly seductively, thanks him, calling him "Sugar Daddy." Happily, he sternly rebukes her, then breezily says, "Let's kill your little friend." Faith's smile fades. He says he wouldn't ask her to do it at this point in their relationship, and that a vampire attack would look less suspicious anyway. He shifts the mood again: "If I'm not mistaken, some lucky girl has herself a Playstation." Faith: "No way!" The Mayor: "Yes, way!" Aw, aren't the murderers cute? They are, too -- that's the scary part.

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Buffy the Vampire Slayer




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