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Faith Who?

Inside, Willow starts up the stairs, but Anya calls after her. Anya introduces herself, and says she's new, but she knows Cordelia. Willow: "Oh. Fun." Anya gives a quick, but hilarious, "yeah" which indicates that she too finds Cordelia tiresome. She says that she's working on a project, and wondered if Willow would help her. Willow: "That's me, reliable dog geyser person." When Anya says she needs a "secondary" for a spell, however, Willow gets excited, and asks if it's dangerous. Anya, by the way, is carrying a math textbook, which shows very nice attention to detail. She lies that the spell isn't dangerous. Willow: "Well, could we at least pretend it is?" I bake these words into a cake for Willow to eat in the next scene.

In an empty classroom, Willow and Anya sit facing each other. On the floor between them rests a plate that has a representation of Anya's power center on it. She's telling Willow that the necklace was a family heirloom. Just as long as you're not hanging onto it as a reminder of your two-dimensional parents. Whoops, wrong show. Willow asks how the spell works, and Anya explains that they call on Eyrishon, "the endless one," to open a temporal fold, and that when they pour the "sacred sand" onto the representation of the necklace, Eyrishon will bring it forth from whence it was lost. They begin the incantation, each of them holding the bottle of sand with one hand. Lights and swirling mist appear. Willow sees a number of disturbing images from "The Wish." Shirtless Angel, surprisingly, is not one of them. Willow's hand shakes, and when they pour the sand, some of it hits her other hand. In the Wishverse, just as Oz is about to grab VampWillow, she disappears. The spell complete, Willow gasps for breath, asking what happened. Anya says the necklace isn't there. Willow realizes Anya isn't telling her everything, but Anya says she just wants her necklace back. Willow: "Well, did you try looking inside the sofa in hell?" Heh. Anya tries to make nice, saying they can do the spell again, but Willow isn't having it. Anya: "Fine. Go. Idiot child." Willow tells Anya that magic isn't to be toyed with. Inside The Guinness Book Of World Records, the biggest pot in the world yells over to the kettle, "Wow, are you looking black!" Willow: "Now if you'll excuse me, I have someone else's homework to do." Hee. She leaves, and Anya smashes the plate in frustration.

Right as the plate breaks, we cut to VampWillow. She's alone, in the same place where the climactic fight in "The Wish" occurred, which apparently exists in the original reality as well. She says warily, "This is weird." Joss wrote it, honey. What do you expect?

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