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VampWillow sexes up to a girl who's sitting alone, and asks her name. "Sandy." It's that same Sandy that Riley stakes in "Shadow," and I'm forced to go on another bitchy rant about the fact that this girl was never actually sired. Is the fan-wank that she, like Harmony in "Graduation Day Part 2," survived the attack, then was vamped at some later date? Because if you believe that, I've got the Brooklyn Bridge for sale. Joss fucks up, people. Deal with it. VampWillow takes Sandy by the hand, and announces to the humans that if they're good, the vamps will make them "young, and strong." She licks Sandy's neck. Maybe saliva substituted for blood in the siring process. Sorry. I'm just not good at letting things go. Explains why I watched five seasons of Dawson's Creek, anyway. Sandy doesn't exactly seem put out by Willow's, er, attention, making me wonder why she bothered with Riley at all. VampWillow then warns that if they're not good -- she vamps out and bites Sandy. Oz tries to get to VampWillow, but a henchvamp restrains him. VampWillow drops Sandy and morphs back. "Questions? Comments?" Hee. Oz calls Willow's name, saying she doesn't want to do this. What, switch teams? VampWillow menaces, "I don't? But I'm so good at it." Yeah, that's what Tara said. Or sang. The henchvamp holding Oz lets him go, and Oz walks up to VampWillow. She recognizes him, and wonders why he's addressing her as a familiar. That's Anya's cue to step in as the Exposition Fairy -- she needs a new gig, after all. Anya says that this isn't VampWillow's world, and VampWillow says she knows. "In my world there are people in chains and we can ride them like ponies." Whoa. As Whistler once said, hello to the imagery! Anya asks if she wants to get back there, and VampWillow poutily says yes. Anya: "So do I." Forget the power center -- I think she just wants in on the people-pony rides.

Library. Willow, leaning on Giles's office's doorframe, says she's creeped out about VampWillow. Buffy says they were exactly alike, "except for your not being a dominatrix...as far as we know." I already mentioned that, Buffy. Pay attention. Willow: "Oh right. Me and Oz play Mistress Of Pain every night." Giles furrows his brow. Xander: "Did anyone else just go to a scary visual place?" Buffy says yes, and Giles raises his glasses. Ha! Willow's physical location sets up the next gag, which is Angel coming in, not seeing her, and breaking the news to the others that she's dead. He then catches sight of her, greets her, and does a neck-spraining double take. Giles smirks. Hee. Buffy and Xander tell Angel that they saw VampWillow too. Angel informs them about the situation at the Bronze. The group mobilizes, but in the hallway, Willow stops them to ask what they're going to do with her doppelganger, since their quest to save a bunch of people's lives couldn't possibly be time-sensitive or anything. Buffy says she's not sure. Willow realizes she forgot something, and tells them she'll catch up. She reenters the library, and reaches behind the counter when a hand grabs her around the mouth. It's VampWillow, who smiles, "Alone at last."

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Buffy the Vampire Slayer




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