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What-Ever After.

VampWillow distastefully regards Willow's pink sweater. "Well look at me. I'm all fuzzy." Ha! She tells Willow that Anya told her she could return her to her world, but she's getting the idea that the two of them would make a good team. Willow: "Would that mean we have to snuggle?" Special delivery from left field! What the hell did that mean? VampWillow licks Willow's neck, and asks her if she wants to be bad. I feel like this is the scene that launched a thousand fanfics. Willow tries to leave, but VampWillow won't let her. Willow picks up a cross, but VampWillow knocks it away and throws Willow over the counter. She walks around, but Willow picks up the tranquilizer gun they use for Oz and shoots her. VampWillow: "Bitch!" She passes out. Man, I need one of those.

Soon after, the Scoobs have reconvened in the library, although I'm not sure how Willow got them back. Xander and Angel drag VampWillow into the cage. Willow: "It's horrible! That's me as a vampire? I'm so evil and skanky. And I think I'm kinda gay!" Hee. But wouldn't Willow-on-Willow action be more like masturbation? Buffy assures her that a vampire's personality has nothing to do with the human's. Angel: "Well, actually" -- they stare at him -- "that's a good point." Hee! That's one of my favorite Angel moments. They try to decide what to do about the scene at the Bronze, but are at an impasse until Buffy says that she has "a really bad idea."

Outside the Bronze, Angel, having peered inside, tells Buffy, Giles, and Xander that the vamps haven't started feeding yet. He says that's a good thing to someone off-camera. "They must really be afraid of you." Oh, Angel, if only you knew what she did to you in the Wishverse. We see Willow in VampWillow's outfit: "Who wouldn't be?" She says the suit is a little binding. Catching sight of her boobs, which are standing at attention better than a company of Marines, she says, "Gosh, look at those!" Hee. And, everyone already is. The plan is for her to try to defuse the situation, but if it gets out of control, to scream. Willow knocks on the door. A vamp opens it, and she waves sunnily, saying she's back. Uh, Willow, you might have taken another thirty seconds to, I don't know, get in character? Anya and Eight Fingers look at her expectantly. I'm surprised that Anya didn't take the opportunity to pour herself a beer. And maybe feed the bartender to Eight Fingers. Anya asks where Willow is. Willow: "I killed her! And sucked her blood, as we vampires do." She tells a henchvamp that she heard a noise outside, and asks him to check it out. As soon as he's outside, Buffy and Angel stake him. Anya asks how Willow could kill, well, Willow. She tells Anya not to question her, but manages to give a surreptitious smile and wave to Oz, who looks enormously relieved. Willow goes on that Willow bothered her. "She's so weak and accommodating. She's always letting people walk all over her, and then she gets cranky with her friends for no reason! I just couldn't let her live." Heh. Although if those traits bother her so much, maybe she should do something about them. She sends another henchvamp outside. Eight Fingers suggests they get with the killing. Willow looks scared.

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