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Doublemeat Palace

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Buffy's got a job!

Buffy, carrying her folded uniform, enters the manager's office at the Doublemeat Palace. She finds a new manager there, Lorraine Ross, who seems a little spunkier and normal than the average Doublemeat employee, even if she is taking down the pothole "Dedication" poster. Lorraine says she heard of the "scene" Buffy caused, and Buffy tries to pass it off as a practical joke. Buffy hands Lorraine her uniform and starts to leave. Before she gets to the door, though, she turns back and asks, "The Doublemeat Medley? Is vegetables?" Lorraine gives her an incredibly fake smile and demands, in a fake-nice tone, "How do you know that?" Oops, she just confirmed what Buffy wasn't actually too sure about. Lorraine asks Buffy to close the door, and waves at her to take a seat. After they sit, Lorraine explains that the beef patty is actually "a formed and texturized vegetable-based meat-like product, suitable for grinding." Furthermore, "it's blended with large amounts of rendered beef fat for flavor." Buffy is puzzled that the "secret ingredient in the beef is beef." Worried about the reputation of the company, Lorraine tells Buffy not to be all blabby-mouth with her knowledge that the Doublemeat Palace is less than meaty. At first, Buffy seems to be ready to leave, but then she asks, "It's a valuable secret, isn't it?" Lorraine wants to know what Buffy wants, which, after a little misdirection about money, turns out to be that Buffy wants her job back. Aw, Buffy. Lorraine agrees to un-fire Buffy, and then tells her she wants employees who "want" to be there. We get a close-up of her five-year pin, and sad music plays as Buffy promises to shoot for the long-term.

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