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As Willow fumbles with her combination lock, she advises Buffy to talk to Angel. They're interrupted by Percy and another jock walking down the hall. Percy stops to talk to Willow about their tutoring sessions, and why am I talking about this? It has no point. Oh, wait. They needed it as a set-up for Buffy to find out that all her friends are going to the game but she has to patrol instead. Boo hoo hoo. Many a night when I was forced to go to some high-school sporting event, I wished for a decent excuse so that I could have gotten out of it. The existence of demons that I alone was prepared to battle in order to save the world from certain doom would have been an airtight and welcome pretext.

In Giles's office, Buffy is discussing her itch problem with Giles. He picks a demon mug-shot out some old book, and after she confirms that it's the same kind of demon she had a run-in with, Giles tells her that it's likely that she has been infected with an aspect of the demon. He advises her to stay away from itch-making demons and to call him in the morning.

Pep rally in preparation for the game. Really, it's just an excuse to get Cordelia in the episode somehow. That's some pathetic cheering from a former professional. I wasn't even aware they were forming letters until Oz pointed it out. Willow reads aloud from an editorial in the school paper by a guy named "Freddy." Freddy is a huge misanthrope. That's all you need to know. Willow mentions how depressing the school paper has become, but Oz says that he doesn't notice, as he always skips right ahead to the obits. Heh. Willow notices Buffy running her fingers through her hair, and at first Buffy tries to play it off but eventually cops to "checking for horns." Heh. Willow takes her off to the side to reassure her as Buffy lists the possibilities of what demon part she could end up with and Willow's eyes go wide with fear. "Was it a boy demon?" she asks of Buffy. HA!

Buffy walks home at night. She stops by a fence and takes out her compact to check that she still looks human, but it's really just a gag for Angel to show up behind her without her noticing. 'Cuz it's a mirror. And he's a vampire. Geez. I'm thinking that gag stopped being cute about 3.2 nanoseconds after its first use, but Strega tells me they're still mining that particular vein of comedic fool's gold over on Angel. Buffy asks what Angel is doing there, and he mentions that "it's a dangerous time" because of the situation with Faith. Buffy asks Angel if he came looking for her, or if he was hoping to find Faith. Blah blah blah. I'm not spending more time than necessary on Buffy/Angel angst. It's played, people. And again, only 33 and a third percent of the participants are still on the show, and I have these cute little kittens that I'm fostering, which makes it very difficult to recap this episode. I'm just going to watch the kittens for a bit while these two angst it out. Hee! It's like the Stanford Linear Accelerator Center in here, except with kittens instead of subatomic particles colliding at very high speeds. Hey, maybe I should name them Muon and Gluon. Much better than Thing One and Thing Two, which is what I've been calling them so far. Okay. Back to the show. Buffy mentions that she's going to get a case of the "bumpies," and Angel says, "Aspect of the demon," in this really wistful voice like he's reminiscing. "I remember my first aspect of the demon. It had red sparkly streamers, and I went by Katie O'Shaughnessy's house every day hoping she would notice." Buffy totally flubs her delivery of the next line: "You know the drill." Which, in my opinion, would have made more sense as a question but instead she recites it as a statement. What is up with the odd delivery? Don't these people run lines? Buffy is still upset; I still have no patience for this. Angel stops her and tells her that he's not going to let anything happen to her if he can prevent it, and that he'll always be there for her. "Hey. I love you. Even if you're covered with slime." Hmmm. Let's compare and contrast. Angel: "I love you, Buffy. No matter what." Riley: "I love you, Buffy. But only if you love me back in the exact way that I have decreed you should."

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