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Oz tries the door to the school paper's office. It's locked, and as he peeps in the window, Freddy comes around the corner, spots Oz, and scampers away.

In the library, Xander, Cordy, Oz, and Willow compare notes. The only person they have been unable to locate is Freddy Iverson. "We can't figure out if it's him without the worksheet, right?" morons Cordy, and Xander points to the title of that day's editorial, "Big game draws mindless, brain-dead mob," as evidence that Freddy is a nutcase. ["I was pretty much Freddy in high school. Um, not in a gay or Eurotrash way, but in a 'hatred of my fellow students' way. I'll leave you to judge whether or not I'm a nutcase." -- Ace]

Buffy is still in bed, whimpering. Joyce stands in the doorway to Buffy's room, telling Giles that she's afraid she's hurting Buffy by being nearby. Giles assures her that Buffy "can't pick one thought out of the din." There's frantic knocking downstairs, and Wes open the front door to admit Angel, under a smoking blanket. Angel holds up a glass flask containing a blue, chunky glowing substance. Upstairs, Angel lifts Buffy up and -- boy, does she have bed-head! I mean, really convincing, flat, matted-spot-on-the-back-of-her-skull bed-head. That's so nice to see after the icily styled perfection of season five. Angel supports Buffy's head and tips some of the blue liquid into her mouth. She gags and spits, which is yuck, but hey, I wouldn't want to drink glow-stick innards either. Angel lowers Buffy back against the pillows and kisses her forehead. She seems to be resting quietly, but then starts writhing and shrieking. Angel holds her down and calls for Giles.

At school, people go about their business. The Scoobies head purposefully across the quad, and then we pan up into the clock tower. There, we see a sweaty Jonathan. He opens up a large case to reveal a disassembled high-power rifle.

Back from what would have been a commercial during regular airing, we see Buffy lying in bed with Angel holding her hand. Her eyes flick open, and she looks around, disoriented. Joyce, Wes, and Giles are standing nearby, and Joyce worriedly asks if Buffy is now all right. The Slayer, looking very sweaty and disheveled, has lost her overwhelming psychic ability, and is mostly concerned about finding the killer at school.

Oz, Willow, Xander, and Cordy finally find Freddy in the newspaper office. "Okay, Oz, you got me. What are your friends going to do, hold me down?" brazens Freddy, but seems confused when Willow tells him that they're not going to let him get away with "big murder." Whoops! Freddy is confused. Apparently he's has been ditching Oz because of a nasty review he wrote about Dingoes Ate My Baby. "'Dingoes Ate My Baby played their instruments as if they had plump Polish sausages taped to their fingers,'" reads Oz. Freddy apologizes but Oz, who after careful consideration allows, "No, that's fair." He does look a little hurt, though. ["I volunteer to be the one who comforts him." -- Ace] As Willow and Cordy discuss the hopelessness of finding the killer, Buffy appears in the doorway behind them. "We still have a few minutes," she declares, and really, no one but Xander seems very happy to see her. Guess I'll scratch "getting psychic abilities and quickly going mad" off my list of ways to get more attention from my friends. Buffy quickly outlines a plan, which includes having Snyder evacuate the school, and I actually would like to have seen that conversation between Giles and Snyder. Cordy, who has been looking through the papers on Freddy's desk, picks one up and reads, "By this time tomorrow you'll all know what I have done. I'm sure you understand that I had to do it, and that although death is never easy...it's the only way." Willow sees that the note is signed "Jonathan" and yelps, "Oh! I had him in my grasp. Slippery weasel!" The gang splits up to find Jonathan, and the last we ever see of Freddy is him sitting like a bump on a log, looking vaguely confused.

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