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Empty Places

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Empty Places

Faith says as much, insisting they shouldn't go back in until they have "proof" of Buffy's theory. The discussion starts to get snippety as Buffy says, "I'm not saying it's going to be easy," and Wood chides her, "I think Faith had the floor." Buffy stares at him, shocked and angry, as Faith asks for something real to fight. "Windmills," adds Giles, thereby comparing Buffy to Don Quixote, who mistook windmills for giants. Buffy gets angry and defensive, partly because she didn't understand the reference, and insists that she's right about something being located at the vineyard. Giles says that since they can't be sure, she's asking too much of the group. Instead of calling her lieutenants into another room and opening the floor to suggestions for plans other than frontal assault, Buffy begins whining about how she can't believe they would doubt her; she's kept them all safe for seven years. She's shocked they don't trust her, and Giles knocks one out of the park by reminding her, "Didn't you say to me today you can't trust us? Perhaps there's something there that should be addressed!" And wouldn't it be nice if it were? But that would be character development and character progression, and we certainly can't have that when we could have bizarre sulky mutinies instead. Buffy doesn't spend a second considering what a hypocrite she is for demanding the unfailing trust of a bunch of people she denigrates, resents, and doesn't believe in, but instead just bitchily rolls her eyes and then makes some sort of paranoid jump to deciding that Giles sent Spike away so the group could "ambush" her. She's demented, y'all. How could they plan an ambush? They didn't know what she was going to say. Plus, I think they could equally well disagree with her with Spike in the room, unless she's implying that she'd use him to shut them all up. I wouldn't put it past her at this point. Rona speaks for Ace and me both when she snaps, "I am sick of your deal with this Spike guy!" Go, cranky Rona! Rona also tells Buffy she's being "reckless." Buffy gives her a fuck-you glare and snips, "What?" Kennedy agrees, and when Willow interrupts, Kennedy snaps at her for always sticking up for Buffy. But Willow's not in this case. Instead, she sadly tells Buffy, "I'm worried about your judgment."

The fact that no one agrees with her starts to sink in with Buffy, and she turns to look at Faith, who shrugs. Buffy then says she's not running a democracy; the group needs someone to "issue orders" and "be reckless" and "not take [their] feelings into account." And despite this being what Giles has essentially been telling Buffy all season, he just turns away from her. Damn you, Zombie Giles! And you know what else? I'm not falling for your little trick to try to gain back my affections by sending Spike and Andrew away, either! Also? You look like a tool in that turtleneck! "You need someone to lead you," finishes Buffy, which prompts Anya to observe sarcastically, "And it's automatically you." She goes on to resurrect Buffy's supposed superiority complex from "Conversations with Dead People," which, despite Buffy's near failure as a human being this season, I still don't believe is the correct diagnosis. Anya's not done, though, saying that Buffy didn't "earn" or "work for" her Slayer legacy -- her powers were "just handed" to her. Buffy is dumbfounded as Anya concludes, "So that doesn't make you better than us. It makes you luckier than us." As much as Buffy is getting on my nerves this season, I don't think I can agree with Anya that Slayers are ever lucky. And Anya's point about Buffy's powers not being a merit-based reward are only tangentially related to this conversation. It seems most of the people there would be happy to follow Buffy if she had faith in them and appeared to have any interest at all in their suggestions and concerns. "I've gotten us this far," says Buffy quietly, which causes Xander to rouse himself from his Vicodin-induced haze and reply, "But not without a price." He continues, "I'm trying to see your point here, Buff, but I guess it must be a little bit to my left, 'cause I just don't." Ouch! Burn! For anyone who hasn't seen this episode yet, Xander lost his left eye.

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