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Empty Places

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Empty Places

For one second it appears that Buffy will unclench a little when she says she'll "hear suggestions," but that hope flies out the window when she insists, "But this is the plan!" She says they have to be together or they'll fail, and Giles snaps that they are clearly not together. "Which is why you have to fall in line!" replies Buffy, and all hope for her is lost. She Alexander Haigs that she's in charge, and Rona challenges her, saying that Faith is a Slayer too, so why isn't Faith in charge? Faith protests that she's not trying to take command, and says that everything will be fine if Buffy takes a nap and calms down. Well, Buffy is acting like that snotty bully friend we all had when we were eight who had to dictate every activity or game or she'd throw a temper tantrum, so a nap might actually help. Kennedy suggests voting to decide which Slayer will be boss, but Buffy protests that she "didn't get [that] this was a popularity contest," and she wants her chance to take everyone out to get drunk. Faith suggests that learning the girls' names might've been a good start. The tiny, tiny bit of affection I still have for Buffy keeps me hoping during this scene that she'll just back down, defuse the situation, and regroup, but at every turn she makes the wrong decision.

Buffy turns on Faith, sneering that Faith must be enjoying coming back once more to take everything Buffy has. She's reached shouting pitch: "Did you tell them how you used to kill people for fun? Hey you guys, isn't that nifty?" Dawn looks like she can't breathe, and Giles interrupts, "Buffy, that's enough!" Faith gets the floor for a second, saying she came to Sunnydale to do right, but not to be Buffy's "lapdog." She doesn't know if she can lead the group, but thinks "the real question is, can [Buffy] follow?" Wood calls for a vote, and Buffy asks them to wait. It seems again that she might back down, but then says she knows she's right. "I can't stay here and watch [Faith] lead you into some disaster." Waaaah! If we can't play dress-up my way, I'm taking all my toys and I'm leaving! There's a silence, and then Dawn stands up and tells her sister, "Then you can't stay here." So, as far as I see it, nobody was going to ask Buffy to leave before Buffy issued her stupid little ultimatum. Dawn just called Buffy's bluff. Hee. Buffy said she wouldn't stay if she wasn't in charge, and Dawn basically told her, "Then leave." Dawn continues that she loves Buffy, but feels her presence will be divisive. She again asks Buffy to leave. Buffy looks around the room, but no one has anything more to say. She grabs her coat and storms out the front door. "Ding-dong, the witch is dead," smart-asses Rona, and gets bitch-rays from Dawn, who snaps, "Shut your mouth."

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