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Empty Places

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Empty Places

We come back from commercial. Buffy jumps up, and Father Maladjusted orders her to mind her manners. He speechifies. Buffy inches closer to the chest of drawers behind her. I notice a lonesome little potted plant that's been left behind. Poor little plant. Her hand slowly lingers on the drawer pull behind her when Caleb notices. "Ah, ah, ah. Wouldn't do that were I you, sweetpea." He asks after Xander. Wiggling his thumb, he adds, "Anytime he's willing I'm ready to finish the job." Buffy manages to remember that she cares about Xander and grits, "Go near Xander again and I will end you." Father Misogyny flings the table aside and reminds Buffy mind her manners again. Caleb doesn't understand why Buffy is so reticent when "history is gonna look back at you, at me, this place and see the glory…we're all going to be part of the great sweeping tide of change. So why would you wanna miss that?" "I guess I'm just ornery," says Buffy, delivering a hard right hook to his face. They fight. Caleb quickly gets the upper hand and lifts Buffy into the air by her throat. For some reason, Buffy doesn't kick him in the nuts. Most misogynists have nuts, you know. Shriveled though they are, they probably still don't like the pointy toe of a Charles David boot invading their space. "I'm going to take such sweet pleasure in taming you," gloats Caleb. He throws her through the window of her office and into the hallway, where she hits the wall and bounces down on the ground. Caleb promises to "see [her] soon" before taking off. Because that's what villains do when they have their enemies at a disadvantage. Stroll off into the sunset and leave them to fight another day.

Casa Summers. Dawn and Giles are deep in research. Giles is wearing a turtleneck sweater to hide evidence of his earlier fervent make-out session with Anya. Dawn has found something notable at the mission in Gilroy. Andrew trots in to whine that Faith took the last Hot Pocket even though he called it. Giles leafs through the Gilroy report and says to Dawn, "I don't see anything." He ignores Andrew so utterly and completely that I am in absolute awe. Dawn says that the locals noticed some vandalism and then reported the place as abandoned, even though there's still a small but active order at the mission, but when the cops showed up they had all gone. Andrew goes over to the freezer and hoists the empty Hot Pocket box with Post-It note intact as evidence. Giles notices something in the picture and goes to the living room with Dawn to fetch a magnifying glass. Andrew is hot on their heels, still squealing about the damn Hot Pockets and their new and improved tomato sauce. I'm ashamed that I know this, but it's actually the crust that they're touting as new and improved. For the record? It's not. Giles orders Andrew to "Shut up. Pay attention." Took the words right out of my mouth. Giles hands Dawn a magnifying glass and draws her attention to the back wall depicted in the photo. Caleb's seal is burned into the wood. Giles sends Amanda to fetch Spike from the basement.

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