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Empty Places

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Empty Places

Faith strides in, sticking the last bit of Hot Pocket in her mouth. Andrew glares at her. Faith doesn't even notice. Giles wants to send Spike on a mission. Spike snips, "Sometimes our missions end up with you trying to kill me. I'm not fond of those." Giles insist that this one is legit, and shows him the photo. Giles says that he needs someone "who can take care of themselves." "Are we going to get to the food-stealing issue soon?" whines Andrew. I have to say, Dawn? Still Shiny. Not so much with the McWhiny lately. She has been usurped. Giles responds by ordering Andrew to accompany Spike; neither Spike nor Andrew seems very pleased with that turn of events. And isn't it so cute to see the way that Giles is trying to win his way back into my good graces by getting rid of both Spike AND Andrew? Dawn turns to Millie and says reassuringly, "We'll have some news soon." Millie doesn't seem very enthused. Faith quickly deduces that the best thing the girls could do would be to go and blow off a little steam.

Cut to the Bronze. Faith is dancing it up. Shakin' it in a group of guys just like she used to. Cut to Dawn and Kennedy "dancing." Kennedy looks like a paraplegic computer programmer trying to dance. Dawn is just…bouncy. "What kind of band plays during an apocalypse?" asks Kennedy. "I think this band might actually be one of the signs," replies Dawn. Not even. But you know what is? The SUV limo I saw last week. San Francisco is going to fall into the ocean any day now, I'm tellin' ya.

Buffy comes home to an almost empty house. Giles notices her limp, and asks if she's injured. Buffy explains her visit from Caleb. She limps to the table. As soon as she's seated, she asks if the files have been useful yet. Giles reports that "there's evidence that Caleb may have established a foothold up north." Oh, andhesentSpiketogocheckthingsout. "You sent away the one person that's been watching my back," retorts Buffy. I think you meant to say "kissing my ass" there, sugar bunny. Although I must admit that, technically, there is a bit of back-watching inherent in the act. "We're all watching your back," Giles reminds her. Buffy switches gears and asks after the Junior Misses. Giles is momentarily confused, and Buffy demands to know where they are in THE single bitchiest tone I have ever heard. Even all her unpleasantness later in the episode barely manages to rival it. Giles reveals the whereabouts of the Junior Misses, and this doesn't please the dried-up old stick-in-the-mud Buffy we're stuck with this season, so she flounces out the door on her way to the Bronze.

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