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Empty Places

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Empty Places

Mission Nuestra Señora Del Ajo Sagrado. Spike and Andrew grill the branded monk on what he knows about Caleb. Andrew tries to pull a not very convincing "bad cop" routine, but Spike just asks for the monk's help. The monk insists there's no stopping Caleb, but then says he'll "show" them what Caleb was after. Apparently, the misogynist freak showed up at Ajo Sagrado one night, and the monks took him in and offered to feed him. However, Caleb came for something else -- blathering and "secret room" opening, apparently. In the secret room, Caleb found the inscription he was looking for, but what it said made him very, very angry. I'm guessing it read, "Firefly's dead, Jim. I'm a doctor, not a miracle worker!" Or something. So Caleb got cranky, branded this monk, and slaughtered the rest of his brothers. And his burn has had time to heal into a scar, yet he didn't leave the place or get reassigned? Um, okay. Spike takes a candelabra over to the inscription (which looks like Latin written in Greek letters, according to some posters on our boards) and translates, "'It is not for thee. It is for her alone to wield.'" Will this be significant later? Because I'm having trouble keeping track of all the hints and portents that have been brought up and then dropped this season, and if this one isn't going to be significant, I'd rather not make room for it in my already cluttered brain.

In the Summers living room, Buffy is trying to explain why she wants to go back to the vineyard. She says that she ran into Caleb earlier at the school, which causes Dawn to react in surprise, since Buffy hadn't shared this earlier. Buffy assures everyone that she's fine, and explains her flimsy little theory: despite the fact that they've spent an awful lot of time at the school dealing with the Hellmouth, it's currently unguarded by Bringers. She's decided that something important must be at the winery, since that's where Caleb has his headquarters. As for what Caleb has at the winery, Buffy is certain: "I say it's their power. And I say we go in and take it away from them." I grant that it's interesting that no one is guarding the Hellmouth, but I have a few quibbles. First, Caleb was just lurking in the school earlier that day. He could've gone there just to find Buffy, but she doesn't know that for sure. If he wanted to find her, it would be just as easy for him to come to her house. Also, the Hellmouth has always seemed to open and release its problems just fine without any guarding. Buffy should know that. Perhaps Caleb has every confidence that the Hellmouth will be there when he needs it, and meanwhile, he's just a big sucker for religious symbolism, so he hangs out with lots of wine. That, or he just can't shake his pesky Boone's Farm addiction. Any way you look at it, Buffy has an interesting idea that merits further discussion, but that in no way justifies an all-out assault on the headquarters of the enemy.

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