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Lo! The Prodigal Slayer Returns!

Andrew and Anya are in the living room, tending to a wounded Junior Miss and grousing about having to use sheets instead of bandages. "They're going to look like badly wounded Easter baskets," grumps Anya. "What?" grogs the wounded Junior Miss. Anya makes a sympathetic noise, but then takes a swig from the bottle of whisky she's been using to sterilize the wounds. Andrew gets all tattle-tale on Anya's misappropriating of supplies, but then takes a swig himself when Anya hands him the bottle. "It's horrible," says Andrew. "It's a slaughterhouse is what it is," observes Anya. "What?!?" says the wounded girl. "Aw," clucks Anya sympathetically, "trying to talk will just kill you sooner." Heh. Andrew stands up, resolute. He decides that they should go and loot the hospital. "I’m going in." He takes a swig. "You're coming with me." Beat. "I think you should drive cuz that Scotch made me a little dizzy." Anya enthusiastically agrees and runs off to find Kennedy "to watch the girls. She's tough. Imminent death won't bother her."

The camera pans through the half-closed door to the kitchen. Inside, Xander and Buffy are discussing some mysterious plan. Xander is against it. "If I do this, that's it for me for this fight. I feel like you're putting me out to pasture." Buffy assures him that that's not the case. "I need someone I can count on no matter what happens." Oh? I thought that was Spike. This week it's Xander? Is this supposed to be what passes for character development these days, or am I the only one with whiplash from Buffy's incredible 180 in the last few episodes? "I just always thought that I would be there with you, y'know, for the end," says Xander. Buffy calls him on the apparent faux pas of presaging her death. Can't blame him! She's died or run off in half the season finales so far. He tries to get a few words out around the foot in his mouth. "I should be at your side, that's all I'm saying." Buffy: "You will be. You're my strength, Xander. Without you I never would have made it this far. I trust you with my life. That's why I need you to do this for me." This can't be character development. It has to, y'know, DEVELOP over time. It does not spring fully formed into a script. That's why they don't call it "character Athena." Xander finally agrees to the mysterious plan, and Buffy says in a teasing tone, "Also, you can't shoot a bow and arrow anymore, and every time you pick up a sword I worry that you're going to break one of our good lamps." Xander gives Buffy a "you did not just say that" look. "Don't look at me," she shrugs, "you're the one that said I'm gonna die."

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