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Lo! The Prodigal Slayer Returns!

Giles and Willow in Willow's room, researching the axe. Willow has a possible lead on the Little Red Axe That Could. "Before the vineyard was a vineyard, it was a monastery. Could've been put there then." Oh, great. As if "The Sunnydale Free-Range Bringer Farm and Winery" weren't a long enough name; now it's "The Sunnydale Free-Range Bringer Farm, Winery, and Former Monastery." Sheesh. What a mouthful. Giles counters that the axe is far older than that. We pan past the papers spread out on the bed, a bunch of candles, the turned-off lamps, and over to Willow's functional computer. What? Hold up. Is Willow all, "I don't do any magic now, Giles, except I do occasionally recharge the batteries on my laptop"? And then Giles is all, "Can you do these flashlights for me?" Willow: "Well, I think so, but I really don’t like to mess with the dark powers." Anyway, Willow says that the monks used to tell of a "pagan temple," but it doesn't really seem like a valuable lead, so Willow draws Giles's attention to a website about all sorts of mystical axes. Giles has a bunch of papers spread all over the bed about various weapons, but no real leads either. "How-how're we supposed to narrow this down? The illustrations are never clear enough!" he rants. Heh. Willow hefts The Little Red Axe That Could. Ominous music plays. Giles asks if she can sense any power in the axe. Negative. "Tapping into magicks might help with that," suggests Giles in a really creepy way. Willow isn't sure she wants to mess with something that Caleb is afraid of. She puts the axe down quickly. Giles reminds her that she could do it without endangering herself. "If I try something big, I change," she reminds him. Yeah -- you change into a character that is at least recognizable as your former self. Don't lie. We all saw it on Angel. But what Willow means is, "I can hardly do a locator spell without getting dark roots." I've already mentioned the Angel appearance, so I won't harp on it except to say WHAT A FUCKING LOAD OF CRAP! Giles wants to know what would happen if using magic was necessary. "Honestly? I don't know," admits Willow. She sits down at the computer again. Giles sighs. "All right. Do what you can. That's all any of us can do." Thanks for the vote of confidence, Captain Motivation. Willow has found a link down at the end of the page. "Here's one that's just m question mark. What the heck is that?" Giles correctly identifies the question mark as the symbol for a glottal stop in the International Phonetic Alphabet. Willow, girl genius, amazingly doesn't know what that is. He defines it as "a sort of gulpy noise." Here's a better definition. Say "uh-oh." The bit in between the "uh" and the "oh"? That's a glottal stop. This prompts a memory in Giles. "M plus glottal stop is represented by a picture that's commonly thought to symbolize a sickle or a scythe. In thousands of carvings in Egypt and throughout the ancient world." "Carvings like you'd have on a pagan temple?" asks Willow. Giles tells Willow to go and see what she can find out about the temple she alluded to earlier.

Cut to outside. Xander and Dawn are rooting through the car. "Xander," protests Dawn, "my crossbow is not out here. I told you. I don't leave crossbows around all willy-nilly. Not since that time with Miss Kitty Fantastico." Hee! Poor kitty. And I know that some of you have felt some sympathy for Latch ever since I colored her nose blue in a fit of pique during Season Five. Well, I was just sitting here, um, highlighting BritBoy's ear because he was asleep and it was more interesting than watching this episode again. Unfortunately, he woke up. My entire face? Yellow. See what you get when you pick on someone closer to your own size? Jaundice. Screw that. I'll stick to terrorizing those over whom I have a weight advantage. Anyway, I felt that it was my duty to admit to that, since so many of you were outraged on Latch's behalf. Xander asides that he's getting sick of the "it's all fun and games until someone loses an eye" jokes. "Giles was just having fun with you," reassures Dawn. "That's not the point," insists Xander. He objects to the obviousness of it all. Little late for the writers to start complaining about obvious jokes, don't you think? He blathers on until he and Dawn are standing next to the car. He moves behind her and then holds a cloth to her mouth. She screams and wiggles for just a moment before she loses consciousness and Xander is able to maneuver her into the car.

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