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Fear, Itself

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Fear, Itself

Inside the house, Our Gang realize they have circled around to the front of the house, but the stairs and door are missing. Oz pulls the plug on the special effects tape. Willow says they should clear out because they don't know what they are dealing with. Xander asks if anyone else hears a hissing noise and the group looks around the room until Buffy finds Chaz hiding in a closet. He sobs, "Sorry, I didn't know. It's alive. It's alive." Behind them, a plastic skeleton comes alive and raises its head.

As Buffy tries to get Chaz to tell them what happened, the skeleton sneaks up behind her and stabs her in the back. She quickly kicks the crap out of the attacker, and as it falls to the ground, it turns back into the plastic decoration. As Buffy examines her wound, a girl screams upstairs and Chaz closes himself in the closet. When Buffy turns back to see him the closet has disappeared. Buffy decides to head upstairs and grabs her basket of weapons. She instructs the other three to find their way out of the house and get help. Willow is outraged that Buffy is attempting to send her away.

Back at his apartment, Giles sits morosely, still dressed in poncho and sombrero, eating his Halloween candy. He hears knocking at the door and jumps to answer it. Rather than the trick-or-treaters he expected, he encounters Anya in her bunny suit. Anya pushes her way into the apartment, demanding that Giles save Xander right away. He asks about Buffy and the others and Anya lightly says, "Oh, they're trapped too. But we gotta save Xander!" That girl is hooked but good. Anya explains what she saw at the house, and Giles says it seems like a "matter and reality distortion." He gathers supplies and reassures Anya that Xander will be okay.

Buffy and Willow argue about whether Buffy can send the others away. Xander attempts to interrupt but is ignored. "Being the Slayer doesn't automatically make you boss," snipes Willow, and explains that she wants to do a simple incantation which conjures an emissary from beyond to help lost travelers. "Conjuring?" snarks Buffy. "Will, let's be realistic here, okay? Your basic spells are usually only about 50-50." "Oh yeah?" shouts Willow. "Well...so's your face." Willow proceeds to stomp off, saying, "I'm not your sidekick," and Oz follows. Buffy sighs in exasperation. Xander attempts to calm Buffy down, following her around the room as she loads her crossbow and telling he's right with her, right by her side. Buffy looks around the room and calls out, "Xander?!" "Funny how you haven't lost your sense of inappropriate humor," quips Xander, but then realizes that Buffy really can't see him. Buffy takes off down a hallway, muttering about Xander's typical behavior, and Xander follows. When he rounds the corner, she has disappeared.

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