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Back at the double-wide. Willow and Tara are trying to explain to Dawn why resurrection spells are a bad idea. Rather, Tara is trying to explain it and Willow keeps getting sidetracked, postulating that such spells might not even be possible. Dawn counters that Wiccans wouldn't have taken an oath to abstain from resurrection if it wasn't possible, but Tara shuts her down with, "Maybe they could. But we can't." Because Dawn is fourteen and her mom just died, but mostly because she's fourteen, she takes this as a personal affront and snots, "You said you wanted to help me," and flounces over to her sleeping bag. And if sleeping bags had doors, I'm sure she would have slammed hers. Willow tries to comfort her, but Dawn turns away.

Back at the cemetery, Buffy sits under a tree with Angel wrapped around her. They're having an emotionally fraught conversation, but without him trying to badger her into expressing her emotions the way he would prefer or giving her snitty little ultimatums. Just generally being as supportive as Buffy needs, instead of whining about her not needing him enough. If you know what I'm talking about, and I think you do. In return, she's telling him about the funeral, but says that "it's tomorrow that [she's] worried about," when everyday life begins again, and she's not really sure if she'll be able to fill her mother's shoes because Joyce was so good at holding everything together. Angel reassures her that it will take a little time, but eventually she'll learn how to get the bloodstains out of her own leather pants. Buffy admits to Angel that she feels guilt over her mother's death, that she blames herself for not coming home sooner, or starting CPR sooner, and worries that she won't be able to take care of Dawn. Angel again reassures her that she's good enough, smart enough, and, most importantly, has people around to help her; she doesn't "have to do this alone." He says that he'll stay as long as she needs, and Buffy wonders if "forever works for [him]." Upon reflection, she decides that's a "bad idea." Because "[she's] seriously needy right now." Angel tells her to let him "worry about the neediness. [He] can handle it." Buffy leans in for a kiss, and I never would have thought that I would like Angel as much as I do right now. Thanks to Riley for showing me the error of my ways. They kiss more passionately but then pull away, both looking pained. "I told you," sighs Buffy. "You'd better go." Angel apologizes, but Buffy vigorously asserts, "No. I'm so grateful that you came, Angel. I didn't think I was going to be able to make it through the night." They cuddle for the few minutes remaining before sunrise.

Ben walks down the sidewalk near the hospital. He turns the corner to find Jinx, known for the purposes of this recap as Not-Dreg, standing there waiting to harass him about the Slayer. Ben is less than thrilled to see Glory's "Jawa rejects." Not-Dreg tells him that Glory encourages his relationship with the Slayer, in that it might lead to more information. I hate both these characters, so let's cut to the chase. Ben opens his mouth and lets clues fall out like the dope he is when he lectures Not-Dreg, "Let Glory understand this. I won't help her find the Key. I would never do that to an innocent…" and then trails off, realizing he's revealed too much. I guess Ben defines those who are touched by madness as somehow guilty, but let's not get into that right now because he's busy stabbing Not-Dreg to prevent him from relaying the information to Glory.

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