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Next morning. Willow and Tara wake Dawn before they go down to breakfast. Willow is ingratiating to Dawn. Dawn is surly in return. Willow gives Dawn an appraising look, and as she leaves, she does a bit of a finger wiggle so that a book on the history of magic slides halfway out of the bookcase. Uh-oh, Samantha! That might not be such a good idea. You know that Darren doesn't like you using your powers. He might have invited Larry home for dinner, and boy will he be mad if he comes home to a houseful of zombies. Whatever. Willow leaves, and Dawn immediately grabs the book and flips to the section on resurrection.

Der Zauber Kasten. Dawn dusts a row of books in an attempt to find the one she's looking for. In response to Anya's queries, Dawn mumbles that she "likes being useful," because it takes her mind off of things. Giles, seeing a chance to help Dawn feel better, bellows, "Then useful you shall be!" Anya says something. I'm going to ignore her. Dawn craftily asks, "Is there anything I should know? Off-limits stuff? Willow told me some of the books are dangerous." Giles points out the loft area where all the bad mojo stuff is, and tells her to point any customers needing assistance with those items in his direction. He offers to show Dawn how to use the cash register as soon as he returns from the storeroom. While Anya is assisting a customer and Giles is in the back, Dawn scurries up the loft and quickly locates Volume R of the…Encyclopedia Necromancia? Demonica? Plot Deviceia? She stuffs it in her bag along with a potion and climbs back down. As she's about halfway down the ladder, Giles comes back onto the sales floor and doesn't in any way notice the large human-shaped lump in his peripheral vision. Giles! Now that they're paying you to be a Watcher again, do you think that maybe you could actually watch your surroundings and notice Dawn skulking around where she's not supposed to be?

Sometime after dark, Dawn kneels next to Joyce's grave. She opens a small jar, scoops some dirt into it, and replaces the lid. Music of anvilicious foreboding plays. As she dusts off her hands, Spike steps into view, standing above her and grimly warning that if the spell calls for anything more than dirt, Dawn's "into zombie territory." Dawn attempts to protest, but Spike knows what she's up to with the "infamous" book she nabbed from Giles. Dawn begs him not to tell Buffy and quavers, "I have to get her back." Spike's expression softens a little and he assures her that he won't tell. In fact, he's going to help her. Why? Well, I've watched the episodes a number of times, and I still haven't quite figured that out. I guess one's eeeevil vampire nature naturally leads to some bad judgment calls, or poor impulse control, or something.

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Buffy the Vampire Slayer




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