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Okay, That's Taking "Active Parenting" A Little Too Far

Willow's computer beeps. She gets up to get it. Oz says they're linked. Willow gets busy. Ew, not like that. Since this recap is running long, I'll cut to the chase. The same two kids have turned up dead every fifty years dating back to 1649 in Germany, and witches were always blamed. The 1649 kids actually had names: Hans and Greta Strauss. Sheila busts into Willow's room and unplugs her laptop, saying she won't have Willow communicating with her "cyber-coven." Willow wonders if that means that Sheila believes her about the witchcraft. Sheila says yes, and Willow smiles. "Now all I can do is let you go with love." Scary music plays to tell us she's not kidding. Willow asks what that means, but Sheila exits and locks the door. I do like this episode a lot, but who has a bedroom door that locks from the outside? And what about the other door to Willow's bedroom that leads, you know, out of the house?Giles has a breakthrough: He remembers a theory that many regional stories have "very literal antecedents." Buffy and Xander "huh?" him, but Oz translates: "Fairy tales are real." Giles says that some demons thrive by fostering hatred and persecution among humans. Oh, those demons! Why even bother with the explanation? I mean, at this point we've seen so many demons in the Buffyverse that there's probably one that "thrives" on making left socks disappear from laundries around the world. And also, it's kind of "Day Of The Dove" from the original Star Trek. Blah blah blah Salem-witch-trial-cakes. XM. Buffy says she's going to tell her mom the truth so she can defuse the situation, but then Plot Device (who? Exactly) runs in, nose bloodied. He exposits that his dad and his dad's friends attacked him, and that they were talking about a trial down at City Hall. The gang tells Michael to stay there and hide, and they leave.

Willow hears her door unlock, and says she and Sheila have to talk. When the door opens, however, Sheila's got an angry mob in tow. She says it's time to go, and for Willow to get her coat, because it's cold out. Willow wants to know where they're going. Sheila: "I said get your coat, witch!" Willow tries to slam the door, but she can't get it closed all the way.

Chez Summers. Joyce has vigilantes -- er, "volunteers" over. Buffy and Giles bust in. Buffy says she needs to talk to Joyce alone. She starts to explain, but Joyce pulls out a cloth and puts it over Buffy's nose and mouth. Some of the "volunteers" grab Giles and do the same to him. Joyce says, "You were right. It was easy." She looks over her shoulder, and sees the kids on the stairs. The boy is holding a bottle labeled "chloroform," for the benefit of the slower members of the audience. The kids echo back and forth: "It gets even easier. But I'm still scared of the bad girls. You have to stop them. You have to make them go away forever." Buffy's conscious for this exchange -- that's what you get when you buy generic. But the kids' images go blurry, and Buffy finally passes out.

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Buffy the Vampire Slayer




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