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Okay, That's Taking "Active Parenting" A Little Too Far

Willow's house. She and Buffy have "magic stuff" laid out on the floor of her room. Buffy asks if Sheila minds that they're doing this, and Willow says Sheila doesn't know about it. "She's doing that selective-memory thing your mom used to be so good at." Buffy: "She forgot everything?" Willow: "No. She remembered the part where I said I was dating a musician." Heh. Buffy asks if they should try the spell again, and Willow says she thinks they'll get it right this time. Buffy lights a mixture of herbs. Willow: "Diana, Hecate, I hereby license thee to depart. Goddess of creatures great and small, I conjure you to withdraw." Crickets chirp. Amy-rat squeaks. Buffy: "Maybe we should get her one of those wheel thingies." Jane Espenson, you can do my throwaway episodes any time. Well, except for Season Six.

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Buffy the Vampire Slayer




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