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Okay, That's Taking "Active Parenting" A Little Too Far

The kids say hi to Joyce. She asks Buffy if she's talked to Giles about the murders yet. Buffy says that it might have been a cult, and I can't understand why she would tell Joyce even that much, but whatever. Joyce: "A cult -- like witches." Willow chokes on her drink. Hackneyed Techniques is on the phone again. They say that that was funny, so they'll let it slide. Amy just looks a little offended. Joyce says she knows they "dabble" in witchcraft, which I also find hard to believe, since she's normally about as clued in as someone who still owns a Betamax. She says that whoever did this is not cool. Wow, killing little kids isn't cool? That's some political platform. And do you think nuclear war is a no-no as well? Joyce babbles on until Buffy pulls her aside. Xander laments the fact that Joyce had to see the corpses, especially considering that she had only recently come to terms with the slaying thing. Willow's thankful that her mom is "not interested in [her] extracurricular activities. Or [her] curricular activities." Aw.

Joyce asks Buffy if her friends will help with the investigation. Buffy thinks that it's not the right place to talk about it, as she's loath to mix her school and home lives. Joyce says she feels like she has to help; she called everyone she knows to set up a vigil at City Hall. She called everyone she knows? What's she going to do with the change from that dime? She goes on that even the Mayor will be there. Well, since he works there, that's not much of a stretch. Buffy looks chagrined, and tells Joyce that in an investigation such as this, they like to keep the number of people involved small. Joyce back-pedals that there won't be all that many people.

Predictable cut to a packed City Hall. Oh, look, a fax from Hackneyed Techniques. Cease, desist, copyright, damages, blah blah blah lawsuitcakes. Everyone's holding candles, even though they're inside. What a bunch of losers. Many of them are also carrying signs with the two kids' pictures and a caption that reads, "Never Again!" Do they have one of those with Marti Noxon's picture on it? Buffy and Willow walk in, thankfully candle-less. Buffy snits about the crowd, but Willow points out that at least Buffy's mom is making an effort. "My mom's probably" -- a middle-aged red-haired woman walks up -- "standing right in front of me right this second." All right, now I'm pissed. It's such a quick succession that my "Hackneyed Techniques" joke has itself become hackneyed. I'm just going to mope for a while. Okay, I'm done.

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Buffy the Vampire Slayer




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