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Okay, That's Taking "Active Parenting" A Little Too Far

Cut to the library, where the police are raiding the stacks. Buffy bursts in, and Giles seethes that they're confiscating his books. Buffy says that they need the books, because something about the symbol doesn't add up. Giles rails against Snyder, who of course is right there. Is Sunnydale under a spell whereby, if you say someone's name, they magically appear? Snyder: "I love the smell of desperate librarian in the morning." Yeah, it's kind of musky, and...sorry. Inside voices. Giles tells him to get out and to take his "marauders" with him, but Snyder's not impressed. He picks up a book. "Just how is 'Blood Rites And Sacrifices' appropriate material for a public-school library?" I'm a little confused as to how it's not. I mean, if you want to cast a plague of boils on the jerk that shoved you around in gym class, are you really supposed to pay Amazon prices? Gauntlets are thrown, and Snyder cautions Giles, "Just remember, lift a finger against me and you'll have to answer to moo." I'll leave it to you to imagine Buffy's reaction. Snyder explains that it's an acronym for "Mothers Opposed to the Occult," which he calls a powerful new group. Buffy: "And who came up with that lame name?" Snyder sneers: "That would be the founder. I believe you call her 'Mom.'" Do I have to say it? ...Oh, burn!

Willow walks into her living room to find her mother examining her confiscated "witch stuff." Sheila, who I'm thinking is an academic, a sociologist, a shrink, or any combination thereof, says that she's not surprised at Willow's behavior. "Identification with mythical icons is perfectly typical of your age group. It's a classic adolescent response to the pressures of incipient adulthood." Yeah, I guess adulthood's right around the corner for me, too. Willow protests that she's not an "age group," and tells her mom that she can "do spells." Sheila thinks Willow's delusional, but Willow points out that Sheila doesn't know anything about her. "The last time we had a conversation over three minutes was about the patriarchal bias of the Mr. Rogers show." Sheila: "Well, with King Friday lording it over all the lesser puppets" -- BWA HA HA! My favorite non-regular line ever -- Willow interrupts that Sheila's not paying attention. Sheila says that Willow's behavior is a cry for discipline, and grounds her. Willow semi-freaks, and starts babbling that she's a witch and can cast spells. Her mother patronizes her. Willow goes on that she's "dating a musician," and her mother says, "Oh, Willow!" with a disgusted look. Ha! This woman's another one that needed to be on the show more often. Willow: "I worship Beelzebub!" Is she trying to join the TWoP staff? She rants on, and Sheila starts to lose patience. "Prince of Night, I summon you! Come fill me with your black naughty evil!" Hee. Sheila reiterates that Willow's grounded, and tells her she can't see her friends anymore, either: "You will not speak to Bunny Summers again." Again, hee.

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Buffy the Vampire Slayer




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