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Okay, That's Taking "Active Parenting" A Little Too Far

Buffy revisits the scene of the crime, where a there's a small shrine of posters and candles. Angel walks up, and the candles go out as he sucks the air right out of the scene. They embrace. She asks how he is, and he says he's doing better than she is, and that he heard about the deaths. Well, considering that he hears about it if they so much as change the school cafeteria's lunch schedule, I can believe he heard about the news story of the month. Sheesh. He says, "People are talking. People are even talking to me." After "Amends," I wouldn't take that as a good. But maybe he means people he didn't kill. Blah blah blah children-are-innocent-cakes. Buffy's upset at what her mother said, and wonders if she might have a point. Buffy starts to draw a parallel to an old story, and we take our cue from Hackneyed Techniques that it's wacky-Buffy-confuses-English-words time. She thinks the boy in the story stuck his finger in "the duck," and when Angel corrects her that it's "dike," she thinks he means "dyke." Because gay = funny. Maybe in my next recap I'll just write, "GAY GAY GAY GAY GAY!" and expect everyone to erupt in a fit of giggles. I mean, ME basically did that with Willow's lines later in the series. "Breast girl," my ass. See what I did there? Angel says that it's important for them to keep fighting, and that he learned that from her. Actually, if I remember correctly, and I so do, he learned it from cheesy anvilicious very special miracle Christmas snow. Again, blech. They agree that they'll never completely win the fight against evil, but Angel says they do it because some things are worth fighting for. This slow, pity-party exchange finally gets to the point: Angel drones on that they fight for "those kids, their parents..." Buffy repeats, "Their parents," a dawning realization on her face. And that's all for Angel this week. Woo and hoo!

Cut to the library, where Giles is yelling at his computer. "Session interrupted? Who said you could interrupt, you stupid, useless fad? No, I said fad, and I'll say it again." Xander, who walks in with Oz: "And at that point, I'll become frightened." Oh, come on, he's hilarious. They exposit that Giles's books are locked up in City Hall. Xander looks over Giles's shoulder: "Frisky Watcher's Chat Room! Why, Giles!" Ha! And I'll lay money that that URL exists. Buffy storms in, all business, and soon makes them realize that no one knows anything about the kids, not even their names. She also points out that where the pictures on the posters could have come from is a mystery. They realize that research is in order, and Oz gets on the computer, but says that Willow would best know the sites they need. Buffy says Willow's mom unplugged her phone, but Oz says they don't need it.

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Buffy the Vampire Slayer




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