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Graduation Day, Part I

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Shoot That Poisoned Arrow

Buffy has gotten Angel to the library, where she and Giles are preparing to remove the arrow. Buffy pulls it out and tells Giles that she's just happy Faith is "such a sucky shot." At the table nearby, Wes is engrossed in the report from Dr. Worth's apartment. He summarizes that Dr. Worth found a huge carcass under a lava bed on Kauai, Hawaii. The professor speculated that the carcass was of a dinosaur, but the gang quickly deduces that it was actually a demon and that the Mayor will only be invincible until his Ascension. ["What if all dinosaurs are actually demons? The evil aptosaurus cutting a swath through innocent and unsuspecting vegetation during his reign of terror! The plant world's only hope? Ur-Buffy. It also makes me think of that Far Side cartoon, 'The real reason dinosaurs are extinct,' with a picture of them smoking. I guess that back then they didn't have those TheTruth.com ads so all the demons were turned into half-breeds, their bodies and powers ravaged by emphysema." -- Sep] Buffy helps Angel stand, but he makes an oogy face and quickly collapses to the floor. A short time later, Buffy feels Angel's forehead as Giles sniffs the head of the arrow. For a second, I expected him to mutter, "What I do not smell is iocaine powder." Gasping, Angel tells them that he's been poisoned. Giles decides that they need to move Angel to the Overcompensation Estates. Trying to make himself useful, Wes volunteers to contact the Council of Watchers for information about mystical toxins. Buffy strokes Angel's sad, sweaty forehead.

In Willow's room, Willow's blouse has been tossed over Amy's cage. Willow and Oz cuddle in bed, smiling. She tells him she feels different and then stutters about the experience being nice. Oz strokes her hair gently. Finally she asks, "Should this be a quiet moment?" "I know exactly what you mean," smiles Oz. They share a slow kiss, but are interrupted by the phone. Willow listens, hangs up, and tells Oz, "We've gotta go!"

In the Mayor's office, Faith reports on the shooting of Angel. She's eager for new orders, but the Mayor has a previous dinner engagement -- Gavrok bugs. Faith is antsy from all the evil deeds she has done and begs Wilkins for something to kill or maim. "I could settle for maimed." Wilkins smilingly calls her a "little firecracker." Faith gets reflective, revealing that her mother used to call her that very thing because she was always running around. I imagine the rest of that sentence should be, "Running around. Beating up the other kids. Stealing their lunch money and brutally murdering them for kicks." Faith is worried that The Mayor won't need her and her special, uh, talents, but he reassures her with a heartfelt, "Always," before sending her home to bed.

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